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Forgiveness is the Path to Peace


Spiritual Leader and Teacher

Wendy Craig-Purcell, Spiritual Leader and Teacher

I just have to share my experience yesterday at The Unity Center of San Diego. I am a member of this church after attending for the last 3 years. It is a wonderful, powerful, transformative, innovative, and progressive spiritual community here in San Diego. It is lead so LOVINGLY by Wendy Craig-Purcell and her dedicated staff. This spiritual home has made a remarkable difference as I walked through the dark night of my soul.

There are many ways to speak of the personal process. For me, this time in San Die-ego (thank you Hillari for this definition:) can be describe accurately only as my Dark Night. In coming posts, or in future books, or eventually, I will speak openly of this transformation. For now, I only want to celebrate The Unity Center as giving my spirit a place to remember who I am….and be in gratitude for holding me with Love.

Wendy’s good friend Kathy Hearn speaks often in her absence. Though of the Church of Religious Science, the ideologies are very in line with The Unity philosophies on faith, religion, and the power of our own thoughts. If you read my last post from Thursday, I was speaking of letting go of hopes and expectations. How perfect then Sunday, Kathy Hearn chose to speak on Forgiveness.

In her talk Kathy started by sharing the observation that as a spiritual teacher, you do not know if you are calling forth the wisdom of what you want people to know OR if your audience have called you forth to speak to them of what they want to hear. The age old question of ‘it is the chicken or the egg?’ Obviously, yesterday the egg was calling to the chicken for the topic already in my consciousness…Forgiveness. I must share with you one quote from her talk that will go to the end of my days with me. Thank you Kathy for this gem. It is meant to be shared and remembered. A friend of Kathy’s has a saying:

“I may have pushed your button, but I did not install it!”

Rev Dr Kathy Hearn

Rev Dr Kathy Hearn

Thank you Kathy for making me laugh with this wisdom. What a wonderful, precious, hilarious, TRUTH! You cracked me up and I will remember this one for the rest of my life. I will quote you/your friend and this will get carried world-wide.

So thank you lovely Ladies of the Light, Wendy and Kathy! What a gift you are to the world. God is so good to us when we are paying attention, when we are listening, and when we are open to receive the gifts that are given.

Forgiveness is my teaching too. I do not know anything else that can bring peace to us all. We are all here to make mistakes. We all hurt others either consciously or unconsciously. We all push each other’s buttons. However, what installs those issues is our own personal karma, and life lessons. Each of our soul’s journey’s are wired just for us. How challenging it is when we are in a culture that has an illusion of perfection as the valued contribution. We are perfectly, imperfect and that is the whole truth summed up in simple-Sally terms. I am perfectly imperfect, lovable as I am, and no one else can be me.

So, if you know me, you know that I am really, really good at pushing buttons. Know that you too have the power to push mine. Thank you for doing so, as you give me the opportunity to evolve and become more.  I take responsibility for my installs. It is my life after all…not yours. Just know I am so grateful that I am not doing this cosmic design alone. For who would I be if you had not pushed my buttons and helped me grow, taught me to forgive, and helped me learn to love more? You are the catalyst for me to become the woman of living creation in action, that I am. How incredibly lucky I am to have the help of the world, and you, to help me polish the diamond that is me.

Blessings and Thanks, Sally

PS click on the photos of Wendy and Kathy to learn more about them and their contributions to making this world a more loving place for us all!

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  1. Wendy

     /  October 4, 2008

    Thank you so much for your very kind and generous words, Sally.



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