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Millionaire Magic

From my last posting on Sunday night, you can see that my attention, my mind, and our world are all on the same page right now. We are all, and I mean globally, in a major shift in consciousness that has to do with money.

The God of Money as it is in my perception, is what many have been worshiping in our post-modern world. The time is now for us to be in Love and not Fear in regards to money. Do you have the power with in you to worship to a higher power than the the Almighty Dollar? Yen? Euro?

T. Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive is one healing path available to us all. Peak Potentials Training is the fastest growing personal development program since Tony Robbins hit the infomercial channels in the late 1980s. The good news is that between the hard sell on their up-sell of workshops, books, trainings, coaching, and tee-shirts, you actually get good emotional processes to break free from the blocks to your inner wealth. Since I believe life is an inside out job, I believe I must get to the inner experience before it will manifest in my outer world. My Spirit Guides directed me to do this Intensive, not to buy what they were selling, but to use it as a vehicle to heal myself on this very, very, very vital issue in my life. It is already working 🙂

Kieron Sweeney, our facilitator of the weekend in San Francisco has graduated from the programs that T. Harv Eker has designed. He is the embodiment of the training that he sells. Bravo to you Kieron for having the guts to listen to the energy of the room and create a safe space for many to heal. I celebrate you as a Wizard and a Warrior! I say to you again Thank You!

I have always gotten by, been gifted, and had the ability to cleverly or gracefully get though my financial challenges. I have never made a lot of money. I have always been generous in sharing the abundance that does come to me. I have always been sincerely grateful for the gifts given. As the second of 4 children, I do not know any other way than to share what I have. It is both the way I was raised, and, it is the way I like to be. And, I do not know how to not be thankful.

In past workshops over the years that I have taught, I educated about the money system from an anthropological and spiritual perspective. I will in the future write some of the divine wisdom that I have on this highly charged emotional aspect of all of our lives. However, today all I want to do is celebrate that the Millionaire Mind Intensive brought these amazing souls into my path.

Together we laughed, cried, played, danced, sang, raged, and learned about what we believe about money in our lives. I can only encourage you who have not actively looked at your money myths to consider this as a path to healing your money story. If you are a human being on planet earth right now, you have a money story. Most of those stories are not of magic AND each of us has the power to make it so.

Aiyana Massage Therapist & Energy Healer & Awesome Reflection of the Divine

By the Grace of the Goddess this butterfly held me when my rage was so extreme I screamed so loud that Kieron stopped his flow and went with the energy flow needed in the room for hundreds of us to continue healing. I was thanked often later that day for screaming NO! Watch for the announcement of my Non-profit No Is A Positive Word. Our purpose will be to end suffering and violence for beings on Earth. Thank you Aiyana for being an amazing facilitator of transformation for many 🙂

Josh Alexander, CMT www.JoshuaAlexanderCMT.com Massage & Energy Healer

MJ Andersen www.WeFeelGreat.net Health Supplement MLM*

Ana Avalos Colorful Impressions Landscapes Landscape Designer & Healer

Bill Craumer www.appliedbiosystems.com Director/Investor Relations

Dan DeNardo www.greatjoboption.com/denardo/ Pre-paid Legal MLM

Andrea Devaux www.andrea.acnrep.com Technology Sales MLM

Nick Epple www.activeneighboring.org Community Organizer Entrepreunuer

Rene Griffin www.RandDTRAVELSOURCE.com Referring Travel Agent MLM

Corey Hale Life Coach (see the last post 🙂

Michael Hateley Producer/Songwriter

Gina Hinds  Northern CA Real Estate Investor

Amy Jones, CMT www.ameeja.com Ameeja Bodywork & Bodycare Products

Jocelyn Konarski www.florendipity.com Photographer & Artist

Kristi LeGue, CPA www.yourfiancialdiva.com Financial Planner

Andrew Levy (see the last post 🙂

Dave Lionelli www.DaveLionelli.com Musician, Singer/Songwriter

Alison Marks, MA www.InsideOutDesignCoaching.com & www.SpiritInTheCity.com Cowgirl of the Streets of San Francisco Alison was my Healer Helper who facilitated the release process of “I have to do it myself!” NOT true anymore…thanks Alison and I did get the bracelet off 😉

Sarah Reilly www.getnourished.tv Certified Nutrition Consultant

Joe Schlick www.photonproperties.com Real Estate Investing

Linda, Monique & Alexis Parrin Skeff Goddess Mother and Beautiful Daughters Extraordinaire 🙂

Monique Smartt & Darlene Azimi Mother and Daughter Warrior Goddesses

Kimberly Tilton Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor a.k.a. Angel of Fiscal Responsibility & my 1st MMI friend Goddess forever 😉

Lyn Travis, MBA, MS, ABD www.mobiusleadership.com Coach & Corporate Trainer

*MLM-Multi-level Marketing Company. These individuals are looking for people interested in selling the opportunity to sell a particular product not necessarily the product itself.

I am all about Networking, always have been, always will be. In my path so far, all of the gifts and opportunities have come through the people I know. Not direct marketing, not advertising, not promotions, not solicitation, but good old fashioned relationships. 

Today I am celebrating you my MMI fellowship who I have now in my Circle of Influence. You who know who I am and I know who you are. I want you the world at large to know them too! If I met you this weekend and you are not on this list, email me! Let me get you here in the cyber-celebration of our mutual willingness to show up and heal our issues with money.

The tagline that I started Intuitive Arts & Sciences with in 1986 was “As we heal ourselves, we heal the world!” This message is as true today and even more so as the world has evolved. We are the ones we have been waiting for…let us go make this world a more loving heaven on Earth as there is more than enough money to share!

Always, Sally

PS As a side note, I bought the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind on Amazon.com used for $2.36 with free shipping during a promo. You get 2 free tickets to this 3 day seminar. It does not take money to make money…it takes your willingness to just do it!



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  1. Sally,

    Thank you for including me in your blog posting. I have a quick story about the MMI that I would like to share with you. I too was charged at a different frequency yesterday and also woke up early. I think that I had an experience at the MMI that was unique to me. I realized that I have been blocking gifts from the universe due to a false sense of non-worthiness. Throughout the weekend I became more tuned into the way that I approched the course particularly noticing the energy level that I bring to the game. I took on the idea that the way I showed up at the course is also the way I show up in life.

    The unique experience went like this.
    On Friday night after dinner there was a give away for a course. This of course was a raffle where you won if your number was called. The last number to be called out by rock was my number!!!!!! Yippeeee…….wait a minute….. Rock said before I jumped up, the last number is a 2, not a 4. Therefore I was not the winner anymore…. This as you could imagine was very disappointing and exaggerated by the fact that the picked number was not in the room and therefore disqualified.

    Fast forward to Saturday afternoon and after one of the breaks I decided to put out full energy in order to be the recipient of the t-shirt giveaway. I must have connected energy with Rock because the velocity of the t-shirt was directly aligned with me. I reached up, grabbed the shirt, then it began to fumble from my hands and fell to the floor. By the time I bent over to pick it up, the woman next to me stepped on it and began to proclaim that she was the winner. I did not make a fuss and allowed her to have it.

    So there it is, right there smacking me in the face 2 times. I was given 2 opportunities to receive gifts fully and it is my belief that the way I was in the room is the way I have been in my life. (NOT ANYMORE!!!!) There was a small part of me that still believed at that moment that I was not supposed to be the winner in a crowd of more worthy people and there fore…. I got exactly what I subconsciously thought should happen.

    Flash forward again to Monday Morning. I was on my way to drop off my son to his preschool when the phone rang. The person on the other end of the line needed to get my account number because they were going to wire transfer me $24,000 as a gift in order to assist me in the creation of my new company. I had previously been resisting this gift but yesterday was able to accept it fully knowing that I deserve it, and it is going to help me achieve my goals and therefore help other people achieve more energy efficient and healthier homes and workplaces. How do you like them apples????

    I am now an exxxxxxcceeelllllllentttt!!!!!!!!! Receiver


  2. Kimberly

     /  December 5, 2008

    Hi Sally!

    What a great idea to post this – I only just got he info due to email spamnet. I also had tremendous breakthroughs at this event and have been telling everyone I know about it, encouraging them to attend and sharing all that I learned!

    Thank you for including me your angel of Fiscal Responsibility! I will never forget meeting you in your leopard-print coat – your love and light was shining out of every pore of you!

    The MMI gave me the tools I need to continue to break through any fear that ties to stop me. I am practicing techniques and getting stronger every day!

    Thank you for being there and sharing this awesome adventure with me!

    Much Love and Many Blessings,


  3. nice blog!



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