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Being There with Obama and Millions

Congressman Bob Filner & Kyra Randall & Our Ticket's to the Show

Congressman Bob Filner & Kyra & Our Ticket's to the Show

On Monday the first and last thing we needed to do was pick up our official tickets. We did not leave Upper Marlboro until around 11:30. Little did we realize that the line to get into the Congressman’s office alone would be a 2 hour wait! However, once again the mood of the crowd was congenial and friendly. If only the world could be like this all of the time!


Be sure to look at the 2 photo albums now on Smugmug.

It was just remarkable to be in the scene on Tuesday. I am EXHAUSTED but still in wonder. It is really fine that I was not able to attend any party or function after. I am happy to watch the party and the review of today on TV.

It was cold. I mean COLD. I had on lots of clothes. I was pretty warm but after a few hours, it was hard not to have my feet and fingers talking to me. Look at the blog for all the photos. I have been told several times by Kyra that she will never visit a cold place again! I realized though I need to visit cold places because it is in my Midwestern blood to feel the air when it is crystal in your lungs. It opens my heart even more.

The funny story of the Inaugruation is that we were assigned tickets into the Silver section. My pal Caroline Hunt from Geneva when finding out I was coming, decided she needed to as well. She too scored through her network a Silver ticket. Kyra and I got up at 3, left for the train at 4:30 and were at the gates by 5:40. The trains were already packed to the gills at that hour.


We stood in line until 6:30 when they let us into the first level. Then at 8 the inner area was opened. Kyra and I had a difference of opinion about where to stand and I went to the far left of the Mall. At around 9:30 one of the gates just near where I was opened and a flood of people rushed forward to the other side of the reflection pond. I found out later today, it was my FRIEND Carolioness that pushed open the gate for hundreds to get closer.

Kyra followed the rush first. I held back as wanting to not get too separated. The cell service was not very functional. Eventually, I got a call and too went forward to the front. I ended up on a gate and had a birds eye view. I could even through my binoculars see Yo-Yo Ma and Itzhak Perlman playing their instruments. It was precious and priceless.



At the reception at the Cannon House I finally was able to talk to Caroline. It was then I found out my Warrior-Goddess friend was the liberator for so many. I am sure the news will report it happening. Now you know the truth of who knocked down the gate. Of course, I am here with a million plus people but know at least one that could make a difference for many!?!?!? And I know another……



Barak Obama gives his Inaugural Address

Barak Obama gives his Inaugural Address




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