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Washington the Day After

I am now on a train from DC to Philly. It is 6:30 am and this is the second day this week I am up at 3 am. Sleeping in my own bed in San Diego is looking pretty attractive to me right now. Yesterday, Kyra stayed with our hosts, hung out with family, and warmed her bones a bit. I, however, had not had enough of Washington to suit my Spirit. The Goddess Carolioness and I had to spend some quality time. After all, she was here from Switzerland, well actually France just over the boarder, and we had to play. 

Napkin Art for their collection

Napkin Art for their collection

First order of business was that Caroline, nicknamed Carolioness by me due to 3 things:  her hair, she is a Leo, and well, she is courageous bar none! So, here we are at a Quasi-British pub discovered by the Englishwoman her Lionessa. Chosen for the name and not the food quality, it was the perfect place for us to start our DC adventure and catch up.

Caroline and I had to contribute to the growing collection of Lion Art hanging on the wall right next to us. It was perfect, there were just 2 spaces left. My contribution is of a cute Lioness chewing on a heart. Aslynn the name of one of my Angel’s is also the name of C.S. Lewis’s Lion in his famous Chronicle’s of Narina. He spelled it different than she spells her name. However, my dyslexia was clearly evident surely activated by sleep deprivation. Anyway, my Angel guide reminds me all the time to use my will for the greater good, similar to the teachings shared in the Chronicle’s of Narina by Lewis.

We chose to meet at that specific location to be at a Metro stop convenient for us both and close to the Lincoln Memorial. I had not been able to get there yet and it was a must for both Caroline and I. Lincoln and his story is so alive in Obama’s life and we must go where our Spirit calls us. The Lion is also alive in Obama’s story.

Carolioness's Contribution & Life Philosophy

Carolioness's Contribution & Life Philosophy

The lion is Obama’s sign as he is a Leo brother for Carolioness. Whether you believe in Astrology or not, it is of no matter. I do. If you read what my buddy Lance Ferguson said on his Skywatch Tuesday, the stars were just perfectly aligned for our new President. He needs the power, strength, creativity, and passion represented by the Lion. He must be lion-hearted as our leader willing to protect our Nation. There is much to gain by both preserving our traditions and creating new opportunities.


Goddesses on the Go at the Mall 1-21-09

Goddesses on the Go at the Mall 1-21-09

It is now nearly 9 am. I have gotten off Amtrak at the main station in Philadelphia. When I booked my trip to DC on Southwest 2 days before Christmas, there were no available free seats into Washington. I took the opportunity to come to Philadelphia and train back and forth. 

I have never been here to witness the Liberty Bell and walk the path of our Nations history. What a perfect time to be here today. It is still cold. I still have on my long underwear, cashmere, coat, hat, Uggs, and gloves. My Mom compared the photos of Kyra and I before and after outerwear. She commented on how much thinner we looked in the before shots~thanks Mom!

I will write more later today from the airport of some of the magical moments I had with people in Washington over the last few days. I need to leave you however with an email I received on Inauguration Day from my friend Donna at The Unity Center in San Diego. This is a living example of how welcomed our choices are for people around the world:

Hello Everyone!
What a day!
I thought you would like to see this and how some of the rest of the world is responding-

Hi Everyone:  Well, this was just lovely … sent by dear friend Annabelle (who is in Thailand) from her friend Steve (who is in Iraqi Kurdisan) about today’s events… I thought you would enjoy it, so sending it along.  Blessings, Vicky

From: stephen mackenzieSent: Tuesday, January 20, 2009 3:40:21 PM
Subject: [Mrgcoop] My inauguration experience

Ok, so I said I’d wait a bit before sending anything more out to this list serve about life in Kurdistan or Iraq, but what happened tonight was so extraordinary, I need to send it.  

The group I work with at the Embassy (locally here in Kurdistan) have permission to leave our compound 1 time per week for social reasons.  With a significant, but unnecessary, security detail.  (Erbil is very safe if you are American) We planned a trip to a German Kurdish restaurant for tonight 2 weeks ago, without considering the inauguration when we did so.  This morning, I called the restaurant to see if there was a TV there, as we all wanted to see the event.  (note that many there are political appointees here of the prior administration) the restaurant staff said they didn’t have one, but would “see what they could do”  being the middle east, we didn’t have high expectations…  when we arrived, there was a huge American flag flying outside the restaurant.  Inside was another large flag (our reservation was for 10 people) and a 20′ x 30′ projection TV with CNN on  a wall!

The most amazing thing happened when the swearing in took place.  When the President (elect) took his place at the podium, every employee came out of the kitchen, every Kurdish and Iraqi patron stood up…we followed their lead, and many cried while he was sworn in…i cannot even attempt to understand the emotions which took place here, in a non descript restaurant, in Erbil Kurdistan…and we had to argue with the owner to be able to pay our full bill…they wanted to cover it…in a place where people earn an average of 3k per year.  I thought that you might be interested in this observation of what just happened, in this remote part of the world, as American democracy shows its face yet again.

Steve Mackenzie
Erbil, Iraqi Kurdisan


Always, Sally

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