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The Sally Swirl

I am in the Singapore airport on my way to the Sri Vast ashram to fulfill a life long dream to pray and meditate in the ancient ways of India. My fantasy was always that my soulmate and I would do this together. Well, I am no longer waiting for anyone to have my dreams come true.

One week from witnessing Obama become our President, I was in Tokyo for a day layover. Tonight I arrive in Chennai and will meet up with my cousin and his wife from St. Louis who is doing missionary work. Amazing how small this world really is.

Stay tuned for more photos and writings about my observations on the human condition and my experiences as I participate in the moment where ever I am on the planet.

I am in India until February 9 when I go to Bali. I am doing my own version of Liz Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love! Since I have been to Italy several times, I am following her path from the pray chapter.

There is no doubt love is before me. It is in me and I am sharing it where ever I go.

Magic happens.

Always, Sally

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1 Comment

  1. Loving you in your swirl Saldolphin!
    Yesterday as I was basking in the presence of the humpbacks in the middle of the bay with not another being around… a cow moooo’d from up on the pali (cliff) and I felt a sudden connection to India, and then to you 😉

    Oceans of Love and a Kiss on every Wave



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