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WEIT and Doing the Best We Can

My current experience of my busy, hectic, fun, creative, abundant days is totally a result of the mantra I re-committed to in May:

WEIT or What Ever It Takes

Having wisdom and metaphysical information, does not mean it is easy to act from the that consciousness on a day to day basis. I do believe that we ‘sabotage our success’ specifically because human beings often prefer to delegate the responsibility of their own lives to someone else.

I am not sure where the blame game started. It does not matter. What matters to me now is to watch my thoughts and speech to listen for the C-word “can’t or cannot”. When I say that word, I have to remember that I (me, myself, no one else) is putting up a boundary to the possibilities that exist.

What ever it takes is the reminder to be inventive. The human ego loves to celebrate it’s cleverness. There is no doubt we are clever animals. However, the reality is we are still animals. We have primal needs and instincts. That is why intuition for me is still the most important life skill we can develop. It is a something that we already have and do not need to go out side of ourselves to obtain.

If I am taking action and doing. If I am being honest and really giving something my best intention. If I am willing to trust that the possibility does exisit that what I desire to be can, instead of cannot, come into being. Then I take back the power to have what I want from everybody else and life circumstances.

My brain surgery anniversary is in a few days. The perfect example of this is on my face. The right side was completely 100% paralized 11 years ago September 8, 1998.

Smiling at Thanksgiving Dinner 1998

Smiling at Thanksgiving Dinner 1998

One year later there was 1.8% of function and 98.2% of non-function. The Stanford doctor calmly told me that there would not be any more recovery to the nerve.

Of course, I asked him, “How can you say such a thing to me?” He said very confidentely, “I am a Doctor at Stanford. I have more experience than you at this.” I replied, “You do not know who I am!” I have a lot more experience of witnessing miracles. The result of what I believe to be true is evident in my smile today.

Now getting the recovery on my nerve was work. Everyday for 3.5 years I put accupuncture needles in my face. That was a huge time commitment to myself. No one else could give me the permission to schedule my own healing into everyday. It was not a task that I delegated to another person. There were many, many other contributing factors to the results of the recovery. However, I am convinced it was my commitment to do what ever it took, to not have the outcome of my actions result in the loss of function to my face.

None of us are experts at everything. This is not necessary for social animals like humans. We are designed to share the experience of this world. We are designed to think differently, see differently, speak differently, hear differently, feel differently, taste differently or we would not have our own bodies. Though we are a part of the one consciousness of God, we are individualized expressions of that great mystery.

When you are stuck try to remember, to just do the best you can. When I  keep doing something however small or insignificant it might be, I know things will change. They have to as it is one of the constants of life. When you are stuck, just the action of thinking the mantra WEIT will change your circumstances from being victimized by conditions to taking the power back to where it belongs, with you.

Smiling in San Diego August 2007

Smiling in San Diego August 2007

Like Oprah says, “I know this much to be true!”



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