Ancient and New

4000+ Year Old Ancient Homeland of Forgotten People

These are interesting days in my life’s journey. No matter how many times I promise myself I will write here on my Blog, I am just not doing it. Though I trust Divine Timing, though I trust that wisdom comes when it is time, though I know I have things to say, I am quiet.
This week I was in Sedona for the first time in since 2007. I had the pleasure of helping my galpal Naia One Heart move home. In the process I was able to work, be with the land, and see dear loving friends. Magic was all around in every moment.
I was reminded walking around this fallen building that was once a thriving community, that we all come…and go. People, cultures, religions, traditions, fashion, food, music, architecture, tools, and ways of transport, they all evolve. Why do we still want to hold on to what has been? Why do we think that safety means consistency when history shows us that is not true?
This photo is of an ancient ruin just below my friend’s home in Prescott Valley. I had never visited Prescott in the many trips I have made to this spiritual and holy land. My heart is still full from the experience. I must share this with you. Thus, the words are present today. Thank God and the Goddess creation is at hand with the poet inside of me…

Water in the Sky

Walk to the future in faith

Love is the way

Love is behind you

Love is before you

Walk into the mystery

of each new day

Run or stroll or roll as you go

The story will write itself

You just need to show up

with a willing heart and mind

Letting go of what was

to own what is

Love is there for us all!

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