Sharing the Tye Dye Love

Mark W. Gray on Display at Kobey's World Famous Market

When I met this man on Elvis’s birthday, I had no idea the gift that Spirit had put in my path. A ukelele concert is not where one goes to meet anyone but music fans or friends of friends. Bartt and Yvonne I married in a ceremony in Topanga Canyon. I had not seen them in nearly 2 years and it was time. Elvis’s 75th anniversary of when he landed on the planet was a special day. I met both a music fan, a friend of friends, and a very kind gentle soul Mark W. Gray.

On our third date, knowing that I had been emancipated from my 7.5 year management role for AMSI, I needed fast cash. Mark handed me 6 boxes of his cool tye dye and said, “Honey, go make money!” So here I am doing what I can to share the tye dye love!

Mark is a cinematographer and film director that lives in LA. He is just plain funny.

Watch his video clips and have a good laugh on us. There is nothing like colorful, vibrant,

humor to make the heart sing. Well, then there is tye dye…colorful, vibrant, clothes to wrap your self in the love!

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