Who Am I?

Who am I ?

I am the stars that shine in the night
I am the moon that re-cycles the sun’s light

I am the wound the wonder the tears and the pain
I am the healing the awe the reward and the rain

I am the prose and the word the tree and the book
I am the breath that brings them to song

I am the love that I have had all along

I am the dream and the movie and the play
I am the courage to face each new day

I am the will and the want and the desire
I am the passion that fuels all fire

I am the sea and it is the sum of me
I am the you and the promise of we

I am the love that is that can that be

I am the depths and the heights and the center
I am the moment that connects forever

I am the peace and the war and the bridge and the river
I am the receiver and I am the giver

I am stillness and calm and darkness
and the advent of ideas
I am the rainbow the sparkle the clouds and the sun

I am your heart and mine that beats as one

I am the who the what the why the how and the when
I am the beginning the middle and the end

Kindergarden RoundUp 1967

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