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Autumn Equinox the Harvest Again

Dear Friends,

We all have our own road to follow.

The Sally Path

Just past was the Autumn Equinox for 2010.  I recently re-read an e-blast I sent out to my contacts last fall. The words touched me deeply again and so I am giving it a reprise here on my Blog.

Sometimes we need to see, hear, feel, taste, smell and experience something again to know it or to commit it to memory. I am not asking that you remember my words. I hope that you are inspired by my words to remember similar feelings from your own path of life.

Not one of us walk alone. Blessings for an abundant harvest for your now!

Always, Sally

Autumnal Equinox 2009

Fall has officially arrived and it is time now for the harvest of our efforts this year. On this day when the sun and earth have moved so that night and day are nearly equal on the time clock, I want to take a moment and say hello. I need to share what I have grown and gathered during this spring and summer in San Diego. It has been years since I have not gotten on an airplane for a 6 month stretch. This whole time I have been focusing on the real estate market in one of the most effected locations in the country. It has given me new strength, new tools, and new hope.

As all of us have had to adapt to the new economy I am finding that I am measuring my rewards with new vision. Without a doubt, it has been a tough year for every single person I know (and I know A LOT of people 😉 in some area of their life. The economic threads that bind us together globally are much more conscious to everyone now as the fabric of our western civilization, post-modern, technologically savvy world, began to break. We have had to reassess our values, priorities, and purposeful actions to survive.

What I am harvesting this autumn is not a meager crop if I measure my success on the deepening of my professional and personal relationships. If I measure my success today on the ‘closed deals’ or what is in my bank account, well, let’s just say, it would be “slim picking’s!” To quote my Dad George, “A deal is not done until the money is in the till!” Deals are starting close and it is a very blessed thing!

I am staying optimistic due to what a very, very wise man Bob Imhoff said in one of our AMSI real estate sales meetings a month or so ago: “You can always get more money, you can never get more time! ” I am grateful for the time this year that I have spent making new friends and deepening connections to the people I have met here in San Diego. I am grateful for reconnecting to old friends world-wide using all the modalities possible with getting on an airplane (thank you iPhone, email, Facebook, twitter, Skype, and texting ;)! I am grateful for time with my amazing extended Aderton/Clendenny Clan. I am also grateful for the time I am spending with those who are around
me in what is now being called “The Sally Swirl”.

It is you that make my world go around, not the economy. It is you that bind together the fabric of my life. I am not saying that money is evil or the want or need for it is in any way wrong. I am just focusing on what I can do something about. It is making a difference in my world, at AMSI, and for others who need my service of healing. These are what make me feel GOOD.

Much Love and Gratitude to you for being in The Sally Swirl!


Sally Aderton, Realtor with Heart


415-447-2080 [sf] office
510-908-7319 mobile

Home is where the heart is….Let me show you the way!

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