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Shout Out for Good Morning America Guru

Drinking my own Kool-aid!

Guru, go for it! Drinking my own Kool-aid!

Good Morning America, here I am!

This  is  the first page of my PowerPoint created to apply to ABC for the job of being the Guru of Good Morning America. I am excited for the this amazing opportunity. Here I could  share my wisdom from my years of attendance at the School of Hard Knocks, my academic education in  Culture and Spirituality, and my practical business experience with running both Intuitive Arts & Sciences and working with American Marketing Systems Inc. as a Manager and Realtor.

Please help me in my quest to be in service in this way. I ask that you go to the Good Morning America website and scroll to the bottom of the main page where there is a posting window called: Good Morning America Shout Out Board (click) Once there, please tell them why or why not you think I would be good for this job. I am fine with negative press. I believe that if it is my job, because the Universe demands it so, negativity will not matter. The truth is what makes us free.  If I made typos on my resume, if my media file did not upload right, if people tell how angry I was last year about the conditions of the real estate market and how it effected my job, or any other negative comment that could be made, it will not stop what will be. I just know I needed to apply and I need to ask for your participation.

Marketing myself has been a challenge in my past as the cultural norm is: if you are a Spiritual Teacher…you are coming from ego if you do. I have always communicated directly with my client base as a way of keeping the energy in the world that I am available to help people. I have always worked on a referral basis so people were ‘pre-sold’ beforehand. Another way they found me was by my speaking engagements in person and on radio. Often if they heard me, they knew I was coming from the right place. The money I spent in the past on direct advertising paid for itself, but did not pay me. I am feeling confident now in my capacity to take the projections from others. I am authentic in my desire to be in service to others from love. I just have to be me.

The fun of this time in our post-technological world, is that there are many more ways to Shout Out and be heard. The question is still however Who is listening and taking action from what they hear? It is only by the evidence of people being happy in their own lives can we connect the dots. I believe in the change of our collective standards by taking responsibility for our own lives. I cannot create the external world to operate the way I want it to with out the cooperation of critical mass.  We all count and by recognition that we can indeed make the world better we must first start with ourselves. It is the only thing we have any control over anyway.

This job I do not see as a way for me, as in Sally Aderton, to get famous. I do not seek that as the job is not about me, it is about the Questions that will be asked and the Answers that then follow. However, again, the true power is not in the wisdom or advice  that I give, but the actions that the Questioners take to change their own lives. I cannot do it for others. Others can not fix my life. I have had to do it myself. And, as my mother has told me several times, “Sally you never chose the easy path!”

Just so that you have an idea of the process, here are the answers I gave to the test questions. If you have any comments on how I answered, please feel free to use the comment section below the post. My pal Zoya says, “Feedback is the breakfast of champions!”

What’s the best advice you have ever given? What was the result? (150 words or less)
I was teaching massage therapists how to use intuition in their body work. A woman attending suffered 3 miscarriages herself. Knowing I could help her become a mother, she insisted her husband attend too. Memory is held in the body and the mind in a somatic session you bring it conscious. Releasing the emotional memory stored in her uterus, changed her chemistry. He released from his body the sadness at his experience of being adopted at birth. After owning their anger and grief, releasing their tears, and becoming conscious of their negative belief systems about being parents, they changed the chemistry between them.
One year later their son was born. When he was just 2 months old, they had un-protected sex. Then 9 months later, she gave birth to fraternal twin boys!  Within 11 month’s time all three souls she had miscarried came back creating the family they so desired!

What would you tell his person: “Whenever there is an issue between my mother-in-law and me, my husband refuses to stand up for me. How do I get him to value our relationship more than the one with his mother? (150 words or less)

1. Love cannot be measured and is not a competition. You will always be disappointed if you cannot accept this. You must remember he chose to marry you. He did not consciously choose his mother.
2. If he is not behaving in a way that you feel supported, is there a way to educate him, with his permission as to how to handle these situations? When someone feels pushed to make a choice, often we choose to do nothing because we ourselves feel unsafe. Encouraging him to speak up for himself does not mean he is taking sides. You must listen and respect what he has to say. Then invite, not demand, him to participate in healing this triangle relationship. Intimacy is an invitation.
3. You must change yourself. You have no power to change them. Relationships are about negotiation not dictatorships.

What would you tell this person: “While cleaning my son’s room, I accidentally saw on his Facebook page threatening remarks from his friends. I fear he’s being bullied. What should I do?” (150 words or less)

We often misconstrue the communication between other people, so you cannot assume you know what was going on or the context of the remarks. Before doing anything, check your reactions. We all have feelings for a reason. A self assessment will help you clearly address your child. The greatest assumption made is that feelings are about the present moment and conditions. Have you seen his friends bully him? Or, do you go back to a time when you were feeling bullied by peers?  Communication is essential. Talk to him about his maturing body and his ability to develop healthy relationships, not that you read his email! Children need to have privacy too. Being assertive, learning healthy ways to express their feelings, and a no bullying tolerance policy at home, are skills all children need. Your job as a parent is to teach these life skills to help them navigate the world

What would you tell this person: “My boss keeps taking credit for my ideas. What should I do?” (150 words or less)

The truth will always reveal itself. Is there an Employee Assistance Program where you can go for help? When there is a situation of incompetence, it is for the good of the company to know.  It costs the company money, bottom-line. If this is changing your behavior to the extent that you cannot do your job or keeping you from sharing your talent, this is not helping the company either. Perhaps it is time for you to look for new opportunities as well. If you move into another capacity within the same company or another one entirely, this boss is not going with you. You cannot change him/her. It is necessary to get support, change your attitude, or move on. No one can diminish a shining star in an organization. Perhaps by speaking to higher authorities, you can get the recognition you deserve. Obviously, you desire to grow. Go for it!

Submit your essay: (300 words or less)

I am a Midwesterner from a family of four children with parents married 50+ years and still together. My siblings and I are as different as can be. We were taught to think for ourselves, help others, and find success; however we define it. My values reflect what I was taught at home. My life is about healing myself and learning the true power of love. I am a very creative person who loves to inspire others. Vision is nothing without action. I am a woman of both. Life is an inside out job, not the other way around. When we learn to change our behavior, we experience the peace and happiness possible.

As an anthropologist I have always been enthralled by human behavior and other cultures, specifically, our concepts of personal power. The consciousness of the 1980s was a time when the westerner’s spiritual world went through a tremendous metamorphosis’. It was the ‘New Age’ and I was riding that wave right out front before it was mainstream Oprah.

My true education came in the form of a benign (ha!) brain tumor. I have had to walk my own talk, putting my words, education, and beliefs into action. They said the right side of my face would never function again. I am smiling now. I had to heal myself and it shows on my face. Courage is how I did it.

You have called out for a guru, which means teacher, for your audience. I am a living testimonial that can inspire people to be better. We must learn not be victims to circumstances. It is not what happens to us, it is what we do with what happens to us.  When we take responsibility for ourselves, and empower others to do so, we simply make this world better.

Life is simple. We just have to do it no matter what the outcome. I am having fun with the creative process of this moment. If I get the job as Guru for Good Morning America~great! If I do not get the job as Guru for them~Great! The bottom line is each of us are our own Guru. If we do not like the results of the kool-aid we are drinking, we have to get a new recipe. There are a lot of ingredients to sample from in this time in our world. My pal Shiven calls it the New Age Supermarket.  Let’s all get cooking in our own kitchens and invite others to the feast. You are all invited to mine.

Thanks for listening!

Sally, the Hostess with the Mostess

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  1. I can so see you in this role Sally. Holding space for that manifestation and trusting the Divine Flow that is carrying us all through this crazy time.



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