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Marching Forward

This is a chapter in my life that I am sure like all of them I will reflect back to picking out the savory stories and themes but forgetting the rest. Well, maybe not forgetting but selectively remembering. My choices have brought me back to my roots in Northern Illinois. Though I am still a resident of California I am camping out for a while at my brother’s mother-in-law’s house. My reason, or excuse depending on your philosophy, is to care for my sister’s children while they are between babysitters. The reason is really to spend time with my family who I love.

Walking my talk has always been something I owned as mine until the last few years. It is like I have fallen off the wagon of my spiritual principles and I am working on my sobriety again. The work I have done until now has centered on Forgiveness. I have consciously worked on letting go my entire adult life. Although I think I have forgiven myself for the choices that I have made, it seems that this time, this chapter, this passage is different. I obviously have work to do.

Perhaps it is because I am turning 50 this month. I am so aware of what I have not yet accomplished that were sincere goals of this life. Another excuse that I rationalize why I have not written my books. We can rationalize even the most irrational actions because we are clever.

The bottom line is I have been listening to the negative thoughts in my mind. They are loud and opinionated. They tell me to do anything but the task at hand. Today my process I ask for the strength not to listen. I do not ever want to write them down as they are as cliché as it gets. However, I will give you a few examples:

“I am too old.”

“It is too competitive out in the market place as now Healers are a dime a dozen.”

And, my all time favorite, “If I did finish it, how would I get it sold and in the hands of those who need it?”

Today I am taking action in my forgiveness of myself for what I have not accomplished in the first half century of my life. Today I am writing. Today I am blogging. Today I am not listening to the voice that is saying go take a nap but to the other voice that is saying what I am now typing. Today I am focusing on moving the stagnate energy around me with the wisdom I have carried in my energetic space since I conceived the idea of writing E-motion: Evolution, Revolution, and the Human Condition. Today I am going to start reading, editing, and posting here excerpts.

So, while my niece sleeps and before getting my nephew at school, I can say I got something done on my list. Something that means everything to me. I wrote. I gave wind to my words. I am prepared now to strip myself bare with the Truth and keep doing it again and again.

The loudest of the negative thoughts I realize I must share: “I am not healed yet myself!”

I have caught myself in the myth of what I like to call Destination Orientation Thinking. Somehow that things will be easier, happier, make more sense, look better…later. The truth is later never comes. There is only now.

Here is the excerpt from my first book on modern metaphysics that will be published this year (please help me God). I was woken up by my Spirit Guides one night in 1992 and it just blasted out of me. When I read it the next day all I could think of was….Wow! I decided since I am trying to teach the world about channeling, this is a good place to start.


God Has Spoken to the Land

Promise has spoken to the land

call for joy and I command

that ye shall have and have again

the son of God

through the hearts of men.

Plenty has spoken to the land

call forth gifts and I command

that ye shall have and have again

the wealth of kings

through the hands of men.

Beauty has spoken to the land

call forth grace and I command

that ye shall have and have again

the love of queens

through the eyes of men.

Spring has spoken to the land

call forth birth and I command

that ye shall have and have again

life eternal

through the body of men.

Summer has spoken to the land

call forth growth and I command

that ye shall have and have again

strength and valor won

through the intention of men.

Autumn has spoken to the land

call forth harvest and I command

that ye shall have and have again

sustenance and splendor valued

through the minds of men.

Winter has spoken to the land

call forth death and I command

that ye shall have and have again

rest from the woes

for the spirit of men.

God has spoken to the land

call forth I and I command

that ye shall have and have again

miracles and magic

through the presence of men.

So stay tuned. There is more to come.

Always, Sally

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  1. I’m not religious, but I believe in positive thinking,
    And I Know it’s strength. I couldn’t move my arms, hands, legs anything from neck down.
    Now I’m walking, With stick but walking 🙂


    • Thanks for the comments. Get on my website and read about my brain surgery recovery. I was told I would never have function on the right side of my face. I proved the Drs. wrong. Now, the job is to share the story in a way it could help others help themselves. Happy Trails to you!!!


  2. Good Luck!!



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