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Hello San Diego Smiles

Salgal in flight in San Diego

Wow! Summer in San Diego has been wonderful. It is perfect that I have been reminded it is not the place outside but inside us that determines how we feel about where we are on Earth. This time has reminded me that home is definitely here for me too as it is in my heart, work, and friendships so fun. People still ask me all the time “Where do you live?” I have to say, “Where I am!” It will always be true that San Francisco has most of my heart but since it is so big, there is plenty to share where ever I am.

Since leaving Chicago and Illinois, the land of my ancestors and another home, I have come ‘home’ to California. The Wandering Mystic is now back in full motion. Clients from the 90’s are finding me out of the blue. New people to serve are showing up weekly. I am having a full experience of all of my gifts that include my real estate practice. Service is what my life is about and this industry is, more than ever, needing healing!

I came to San Diego to sell my beautiful listing on the ocean at Sunset Cliffs. It is now 8 weeks later, and this week, I submitted not one but 2 offers and counter offers. If neither of them are accepted, make sure you pass the word on this great property 4909 Orchard Avenue #105 San Diego CA 92107 Another of my Dad’s sayings is, “The deal is not done until the money is in the till.” Real Estate is a great place for the spiritual practice of surrender. I just let go and let God after doing the best I can.

The market here in San Diego still continues to be full of the truth of the pain of our economy. There is vast wealth, and there are many people who have lost or are still losing their homes. Is it just me that thinks it is just not right that we allow our corporations and financial institutions decide the value of home? I am ready to organize a revolution. Shall we march on Washington as Gandhi did in peaceful resistance to the insanity that profits should continue to be valued more than people? If we continue to do nothing, we are part of the problem. What I can do today is continue to ask people to vote, be aware, and put the energy into faith instead of fear.

In the meantime, before we march, perhaps it is time to check-in, tune up, and self actualize. I am teaching about intuition, spirituality and forgiveness again. I know we do not have to put up with the stress we do. When we are able to set healthy boundaries, and healthy expectations of ourselves and others, then we thrive instead of survive. I am living proof.

Come join the fun at my Workshop and Equinox Celebration in Laguna Beach September 23rd & 24th. I am facilitating a Friday night and all day Saturday time for us to come together in the discovery of what we already have. The flyer is posted on a page here on my blog so check out the details. Anna and Eddie are great to host this event. If you would like to have a group at your house where ever you are in the World, the possibilities are endless. Let’s just make it happen. Remember whether it is a personal healing session or group event, no one is ever turned away due to money. It is just never a good reason not to take care of our inner life!

The Summer of 2011 San Diego Chapter will end soon. During October I am back in the Bay Area. House-sitting opportunities still seem to find their way to me (Bless you for sharing your shelter with this Wanderer!). The first weekend in October I will be at the ROTA Fair in Monterey. How fun that I have been participating with Julie King since 1990 in her vision of bringing together those of like mind to share our gifts.

Also I need you to know my dear, dear friend Elizabeth Heartstar Keller is walking for Peace and I ask you to support her in this sacred journey. She is walking with James Twyman the path of Francis of Assi and will participate in a World Day of Prayer with leaders from religions of the World. Peacewalk has all the information that you need to participate. It is important to me that there are those who can show up when I cannot be present in body but I can be in spirit. Elizabeth will be carrying my prayers in a crystal that she will wear and then send to me. You know it will end up in a Belly Chain that I will wear proudly! I believe that every time we choose peace, we make the world a better place for us all.

Please keep me informed of your unfolding stories. I love hearing from you! Friend me on Facebook and you will see a more constant picture, literally, of my daily life. I am on LinkedIn and Twitter @sallyaderton too so I try my best to keep my words flowing for good out in to the World-wide Web of us.

As always, know that you are loved and appreciated by me. It is you that makes my unfolding story interesting. I do not know what the plan is after October but I have no doubt, something will happen. It is inevitable and all I have to do is show up.

Blessings on your Journey Home!


PS As Scoop Nisker says, “If you do not like the news, go out and make some of your own!”


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  1. Karen Davis

     /  September 2, 2011

    WoW Miss Sally xoxo



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