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Reflexions of Consciousness

Click here to purchase a deck of your own!

I am pleased to announce that I have become a distributor of the out of print Reflexion Cards click to see the website for more details. The story however is that Mike Wortman has blessed his son-in-law and daughter, and yours truly to sell the remaining decks. Mike has released the back stock of this amazing divination tool he created in the late 1980s. Come one! Come all!

The decks are $30 plus a $5 shipping flat rate anywhere in the United States, and there is no sales tax. International purchasers will pay a bit more for shipping.

In 1987 I walked into the Enchanted Crystal on Union Street in San Francisco. Denis and Scoty, the owners had gotten to know me as I lived in the neighborhood and was riding the New Age wave. Scotty caught sight of me, curled his finger, arched his eyebrows, and said “Come with me!”  He whisked me to the back of the store and grabbed from the back room a purple velvet bag that obviously held a deck of cards.

That day or perhaps the day before, Mike Wortman had been in the store to try to get them to carry his Reflexion cards in the store. Although it is a crystal shop, this kind of product was not what they sold. Although the answer was no, Scoty got a deck. As the consummate sales man he was, he promptly sold it to one of his good customers…me! Scoty did right as these cards then went on to have been touched by hands young and old world-wide to facilitate learning, guidance and support in any all of their lives.

In my private healing practice, I do not use cards for my normal sessions. However, if you would like me to use them I will. Also, I am offering Reflexion card readings on Fiverr.com. This site is filled with goofy creative ideas and actually bargain services. Check it out or pass the link along to your friends.

The gift of these cards is that they are simple, direct, and allow for you to see in the mirror the information that is most helpful to you regarding the questions of your life. They always have answers. And, who of us do not want answers to the mysteries before us!

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  1. I would like to purchase a deck. I have been looking for them for a long time. A friend of mine has a deck and I think they are both practical and useful.
    Please let me know how I can purchase them.
    Valerie Felice


  2. Catherine Stewart

     /  December 8, 2012

    Hi, It was wonderful to come across someone distributing the Reflexions deck. I met the man you spoke about as well, but in Vancouver, B.C. – I purchased two decks, which I still have…they are amazing! I still remember the reading he gave in front of a group of people here.
    I have often wondered why I haven’t seen them since…It’s a shame that they’ve gone out of print, wouldn’t it be worth revisiting that? They truly are unique. They even inspired me to learn paper marbling techniques.
    Beautifully printed, beautifully presented…as collector, they remain one of my all-time favourite decks.


    • Catherine! Thank you. How did you find my Blog? Please refer people you know to purchase what stock is left. Reprinting can only happen with investors. We are looking so if you know someone interested, pass them along too!


  3. Cynthia

     /  June 5, 2013

    I would love to purchase a deck of the reflexion cards.


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