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It amazes me sometimes the power of my own writing and it is eternal relevance. I posted this first in August of 2008. It is still so current to my life today. I breathe and I let go again, and again, and again…

Sally Aderton's Blog

I look behind and there you are

It is a safety measure, to check

the rearview mirror before changing lanes

It is no different for driving 

or for a relationship

we must look back before moving forward safely

Will you pass me on the road?

Will you be at my next stop?

What I do know is time is taking us 

We cannot stop the world from turning

There is safety knowing that you are there in my past forever that story will never change 

And now you are someplace on the road, for how can you be not?

There is nothing else to do in life but live

we go forward into the mystery and create what will be

I guess that is enough

to love no matter if you are behind me or before me

I hope that our journeys cross again

for there is no other I, nor no other you

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  1. Well, it is all learning right? When I reblogged this post from August of 2008 I did not know it would change the format. If you want to know what it realllllly looked like, click the link at the top. Bummer, I thought it would be smooth. Mercury retrograde strikes again!



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