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Helping Hanne Help Herself

Hanne Kroeger & Sally Aderton at AMSI San Diego July 2009

Celebrate everyone who helps you!



the Attitude of Gratitude

Kindness is the Dalai Lama’s religion and I worship with him as much as I can. In the 8 years that I hired, mentored, and trained Interns for AMSI, I was blessed over and over again by the gifts they gave me in return. One such Intern was Hanne Kroeger from Amsterdam.

Hanne had the ‘opportunity’ to be a witness to the real estate crash that was unwinding the industry faster than a cat with a roll of toilet paper. Her field of study was tourism and hospitality but chose to do an Internship with AMSI as it was a high-bred real estate company that handled furnished housing. And, with our office at the beach in San Diego, who would not want to do an extended internship there??

Hanne and French Intern Ludivine Schwartz  could see that the management of the office was destined to change. On their own, they wrote and designed an Intern manual to train other Interns who came to the beach. They wanted to insure future AMSI Interns received the gift of their knowledge and be supported in their learning process. As the creators, Hanne and Ludivine became Angels for those who are still following in their footsteps 3 years later. It is a gift that continues to give even today. This manual was one of my gifts that help me trust that the program I had started and developed, would be maintained when I was gone. It was just several months later, my job ended.

One of the things I have always said is that I never underestimate who is in my path. From a client, to an Intern, from a sales clerk to someone next to me on a plane, around me at any time could be an Angel. And, I have learned again and again, I might be one for them. It is so easy to make a difference in someone’s life when we are able to get out of our self-absorbed, ego-centric, bubbles. Alone, we never really are. Even today I totally made a busboy laugh when he was clearing our table, he asked, “Is there anything else you need?” My immediate response was “A single, available, man for a committed relationship!” As he walked away with a huge smile on his face, I told him “Do not forget to throw in World Peace!” Not only did I bring him a smile, my humor gave one a smile to everyone at my table, and the table next to me. Who know then how many people he will tell this story to…the laughter could just keep on flowing along?! I hope it does!

So, today Hanne asked for my help to promote a survey she is doing for her graduate program on Wine and Tourism. Well, as an aficionado of both, I told her I would broadcast far and wide to get survey participants. With her permission, and calling me an Angel in the message :-), I started with about 12 emails directly to girlfriends. It is now hours later, I realized that I wanted to do more for Hanne. I really want to thank her again for her support and help to me in a very, very difficult time. So here it is:

Thank you Hanne Kroeger for being one of my Angels!

If you are able to help her too, please fill out this survey. She just asks that you do so if you have taken a wine – not whine – vacation. The survey is for her Master’s Degree and there is a chance she will continue to do PhD work too. Feel free to pass it along to people you know who fit the profile. Here is the Link to survey:


If you do it, you too become an Angel. Just think, if we could get the whole world to be helpful to each other, it would be a very, very, very different place. Let’s do our part to make it happen one small gift to another at a time. If you do not have time for the survey, please do what you can do, to make the world a better place today. Maybe just say thank you to the next person you see, as they are the reminder that you are not alone.

Smiles Always,


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