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Mission:Small Business & A Mission for Me

Mission: Small Business

As we change the ourselves, we change world.
As we ask, we receive.
As we know, so we are.
As you Click to VOTE, you bless Intuitive Arts & Sciences to help others learn, change, and know to be.

Intuitive Arts & Sciences Needs Your Vote to Succeed!

I have been meaning to write a blog post about the power of Facebook for several months. In April, I was in a workshop on Social Media marketing in San Jose, CA. When my local rep, the incomparable Elyse Tager, from Constant Contact was speaking, I had a Vision. Elyse kept using the descriptive:

“The Country of FACEBOOK

This phrase sparked a powerful, profound, and actually funny,  Vision:

Jean Luc-Picard was announcing to the Starfleet that the Federation had arrived on Earth!

So now, when I think of Facebook I think of it as:

FACEBOOK the Federation of Friends

The reality is that in many ways, it is like the StarTrek Federation in that it unifies people from all cultures, countries, languages, economic, political, environmental, spiritual and social consciousness, into one vast, living country on the World Wide Web. The Federation on StarTrek was described as a “Post-capitalist Liberal Democracy and Constitutional Republic” (click for a more detailed description from Wikipedia). Accept of course, it is an ultimate example of capitalism!

So life goes on and I find other topics that interest my muse more. Then, The 8 Factors Michael Bush, sent me an email introducing me to Mission: Small Business.  Thank you Michael for showing me a path of amazing possibility! Michael introduced me to a grant program initiated by LivingSocial, Chase Bank, and Facebook to give 12 businesses a $250,000 grant to grow. Yesterday, I completed my application. Today the Marketing Mania begins. As of this moment, I have 15 votes toward the 250 I need by June 30, 2012 at 11:59 pm when the voting stops.

The light and fire now fueling my creative process will transform my life no matter what the outcome of this endeavor brings. I must try or else I will fail for sure. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. For the past 2 years I have knocked on many doors to find a way to support myself. This is another door that just happens to have a big welcome if answered.  Receiving this grant would create the ability to share my heart-felt dreams to help the world by my creativity, knowledge, skills, and experience. It will allow me to keep working and to employ others. It is a chance for me to create JOBS! Yipppeee!

The big question now is:  Will you help me?

Here is exactly what you need to do if you are on FACEBOOK or decide you want to join the FEDERATION:

1. Click link http://www.missionsmallbusiness.com
2. Login in with Blue Button on the right of the screen that says LOGIN & SUPPORT
3. Search for Intuitive Arts & Sciences
NOTE: my business address is in San Bruno, CA. You do not need to have the address but if you use San Francisco…YOU WILL NOT FIND ME.
4. if you are annoyed (like me) of Applications, after you vote, disable the APP so that you never have to see another post from this program again!

If you need to see what I propose as a growth plan for Intuitive Arts & Sciences, you can read the entire application submitted by clicking here, to have a full understanding of my dream.

As always, I am grateful that you take the time to read, to listen, and to be a witness to my life. We are all inundated with responsibilities, relationships, work, and all of the things that weave together the story of our life. Time goes fast for us all. As per the contest rules, I cannot offer gifts or incentives to vote for me. What I can offer is my unconditional support to help you. You must just ask, and I will do what I can to help you in any way I can, in a heartbeat!

See you in the Sally Swirl, smiling!

Always, Sal

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