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Ask and Ye Shall….

Intuitive Arts & Sciences Vision Board August 14, 2012

The first step in making any dream to come true, is to have a dream.
~Sally Aderton

This is a really good day because I am on a iMac working at full RPMs (right passion moments). Until we go without a comfort, we do not know how really comfortable we were. I am so inspired right now as my life is taking me daily into new experiences that I would wish on no one. The best medicine for me in these times, is to write. Here is my healthy dose to share with you!

Have you ever wondered what life is like without a personal computer? This is the second time this year that I am without a laptop. Not once, but twice, I have had the pleasure of looking at my dependencies, my illusion of security, my habits, and my ways of distracting myself from:  people, places, things, responsibilities, hard emotions, or what ever I want to avoid. My computer is the critical to all aspects of my life professionally and personally, and I have now learned, it was also a vehicle to go unconscious with the story I tell myself that I am Engaged-With-The-World.

Due to ample amounts of time now not spent with my MacBook Pro I have been doing other things on my List of Things to Do. My current To Do List has a new name at the top:  What Things I Can Do. I have found the last 3 weeks of my life incredibly magical.  With my new level of openness, resources and support come to me everyday. Please know I have my moments of absolute terror, I am human, however the prevailing attitude, is Gratitude!

What occurred to me after applying for the Mission: Small Business grant in June, I needed several manifesting items that work for me. The first was to create a Vision Board with the 6 judges photos and biographies to be able to smile and talk to them everyday. I did this task the first week of July. Before you judge remember:  EVERY THOUGHT IS A PRAYER. This is fundamental in how I live every moment of my life.  Additionally I needed for Intuitive Arts & Sciences another Vision Board specific to my goals and dreams for it’s growth, a creative Timeline, and Mission Statement.

Once the application was submitted June 30th, my work to win has not stopped. The reality is there are still at least 6 people working to make 12 business visions come true. The winners of the $250,000 grant will be announced by September 14th. I am surrendering from the outcome but I am still active everyday to create my dreams EVEN WITHOUT MY LAPTOP. Vision, without action, means nothing. The Mission Statement and Timeline will also be done before September 14th because I will continue to manifest with or without the help of Chase Bank.

Every single experience in my life is meant to teach me about Love. This is the universal Truth for everyone. It is so clear to me now that this faith is the purpose of Intuitive Arts & Sciences. Even if my company is not selected, I know why I am alive. There is no way I have ‘arrived’ at the destination of Spiritual Enlightenment. That is not my personal goal. My goal is to keep learning about Love. The Spiritual teachings on Love right now in the Sally Swirl are liked to 2 clear images:

1. from the Bible specifically the book of Matthew 21:22 (multiple translations are below).

2. the Bodhisattva with his begging bowl.

I am no victim to circumstance. If you do have an Apple that you are not using and would like to donate to a good cause, I am open to receive. Or please feel free to ask those in your network. I am asking for help. I am knocking on the door. No is a perfectly acceptable answer. I just ask that you do not judge me for my life lessons. I can promise you, I will not judge you for yours….and….I might even have some practical wisdom to share if you ask me. The bottom line is I want you to Ask. It is the reason I am here on Earth, to love us both along no matter what.

Matthew 21:22

New International Version (©1984)
If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”

New Living Translation (©2007)
You can pray for anything, and if you have faith, you will receive it.”

English Standard Version (©2001)
And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.”

New American Standard Bible (©1995)
“And all things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.”

King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.

International Standard Version (©2008)
You will receive whatever you ask for in prayer, if you believe.”

Aramaic Bible in Plain English (©2010)
“Everything that you will ask in prayer and believe, you will receive.”

GOD’S WORD® Translation (©1995)
Have faith that you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”

King James 2000 Bible (©2003)
And all things, whatsoever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.

American King James Version
And all things, whatever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.

American Standard Version
And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.

Douay-Rheims Bible
And in all things whatsoever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.

Darby Bible Translation & English Revised Version
And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.

Webster’s Bible Translation
And all things whatever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.

Weymouth New Testament
and everything, whatever it be, that you ask for in your prayers, if you have faith, you shall obtain.”

World English Bible
All things, whatever you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.”

Young’s Literal Translation
and all — as much as ye may ask in the prayer, believing, ye shall receive.’

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