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Summer News from the Sally Swirl

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Sal’s Chicago Swirl
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Summer News from the Sally Swirl
August 2012

What a summer! I am in my post-doc learning curve on faith. It just does not matter how much we ‘know’ about spirituality. That knowledge does not equal trusting in the Divine to provide for us.

For me, as walking the talk is essential, I have surrendered in ways that I would have never imagined. How could I ask others to do what I cannot do for myself? I see the temptations ~ pride, righteousness, anger ~ in ways that I never have before. When I am in absolute fear and terror, they are much easier to express than love. Forgiveness, my ‘thing’, of myself, is what has been setting me free.

I am learning to love myself along No Matter What! It is only when I compare myself to others that I do not measure up. The reality is NO ONE will ever be ME! And, I can NEVER be someone else. What a silly thing we humans do to actually think there is value in comparing. What a complete waste of time….which is precious and fleeting!

What is bringing me to peace everyday, besides my ‘letting go’, are 3 simple things that I take action on everyday:

1. I tell at least 1 family member & 1 friend I love them.

2. I find something beautiful to share, usually on Facebook.

3. I am being creative either writing, blogging, cooking, beading, or going to a free art or music or cultural inspired event in my Beloved San Francisco.

So, please keep visualizing me doing the “Happy Dance” when I find out about the Mission: Small Business grant results. If you missed it, read my Blog and you will get the news on that Swirl. It would certainly be an answer to my prayers for moving forward.

In the meantime, read further on my upcoming events in Illinois. I am so very excited to travel back to the Midwest. My feet are itching as Memorial Day was my last adventure on a plane. I love to travel. I always have and I am pretty sure, I always will!

Chicago-land Here I Come!

Chicago-land Circles

Private Sessions By Appointment

September 4th to 12th Chicago-land Area

Cost: $200 (Sliding scale to Sally’s 1985 rate of $50)

During your first session, Sally will address your Life Priorities and current life questions. She facilitates healing physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Sessions can include: priorities, spiritual direction, coaching & business consulting, past-life regressions, intuitive development, and her wisdom from 27 years as a Healer, Entrepreneur, and Spiritual Teacher.

Evening with Sally

Wednesday, September 5th ~ 7 to 9 pm
River Drive, Libertyville, IL

Cost: $20

Join in a safe environment a gathering to discover more of your own gifts. In this time with Sally you will discover the natural modality of your Intuitive skill. This evening will give you an Introduction to the empowerment Workshop

Sally will be facilitating on Saturday in Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL.

Intuitive Development Workshop

Saturday, September 8th ~ 9 am to 5 pm
Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL

Cost: $225

Registration begins at 8:30. The workshop will continue during Lunch. Please bring money to pay for your own

inexpensive meal. We will eat within walking distance from our location.

What you will learn:

-Meet your 4 Primary Spirit Guides

-Learn about Past Lives, why they are important & how to heal them

-Forgiveness: A Path of Peace, Sally’s Master Thesis process

-Simple Chakra Basics, Reading Energy, & Your Intuitive Tools

-Moving Consciousness to the 4th Dimension Now

This workshop is designed for anyone, novice or adept,

to deepen your awareness of your own knowing.

Sally never turns away anyone due to financial hardship!

As I move forward into the Great Mystery that is my future, I am also aware that I am never, ever alone. I cannot live without the grace of my family, the support of my friends, and the sharing of life with you. I appreciate everything that you do for me. I also appreciate that you share my work with others. It is by referrals, as my work is so personal, that others consider me to help them help themselves.

It is a privilege to do what I do, and, I am grateful.
Always, Sally

Sally Aderton
Intuitive Arts & Sciences
(510) 908 7319

As we heal ourselves, we heal the world!

As we help ourselves, we help the world!

As we love ourselves, we love the world!

This could go on and on! What would verbs would you use?

I want to know!

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