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The Humbling of Us by Storm “Sandy” & Invitation to Awaken to More

Looking at Sandy from Above-The Sacred Spiral of Life

With the latest of the ‘natural disasters’ that happened this week, I am inspired to write. I am humbled by our attachment to the unfolding process of Creation. Evolution has not stopped. The Earth however does not measure her changes as we humans do. Technology, cleverness and invention, are not how the Earth would measure her growth and progress. Mother Earth is always seeking balance of the Elements of Nature. That is all.

When I look from the perspective of the Earth, which is just doing its creation thing with the elements, Sandy was not a disaster. The storm Sandy was the chemistry of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire meeting in a spectacular way for the Earth to balance her engery. It was a disaster for Human Beings who do not always consider that there are greater forces than us. We are humbled once again by Mother Nature.

Humility can be a virtue that some are born with as a part of their personality. Humility is a virtue from what I have seen in life, however, is mostly learned. Humility for me is a part of my peace of mind. I come back to it again and again when I forgive myself for my mistakes, my errors in judgment, and my resistance to change. Humility allows the reconciliation between what is and what I want in my world. I am humbled when I let go to a force greater than myself, which is Love.

Though I have been ‘without residence’, another example of living humbly, I have a few items that I bring with me. One is a framed quote. Several ago while running someone else’s business in an industry that was completely transforming, it was sent to me as an email forward. So powerful were these words, I wanted to see them often. While I watched the Real Estate industry quake from the inside out, this quote would remind me that there was something bigger unfolding. I hope you see it too as we have been humbled by Forces greater than human ingenuity, the power of the dollar, and our individual egos.

To who ever was the first voice to write this story, if I knew your name I would give you credit. Thank you, as you are my Healer!

Nelson Mandela looking out from Prison.

Nelson Mandela finding his freedom in prison.

Many people have heard of the story of Nelson Mandela’s enduring prison for his passionate part in African history. He inspired us all. But many do not know how his heart ached and of his bitter anger in those first few years in prison. One day he was out in the prison yard when a thought came to him. He has said ‘as if there as a golden cord coming down from heaven’. Six words changed the direction of his life:

“What if it could still happen?”

It stopped him in his tracks. This thought had not occurred to him in all these years. It had literally been outside of his realm of thinking. The next few years, he thought about those six words and the possibilities that came with them. One day, out of the blue, another thought came to him:

“What if my being in prison is a part of it happening?”

Startling thought. He said there was acceptance then of the bigger plan. Just a little while before he got out of prison he got his last words of inspiration:

“What if this is what it looks like while it is happening?” 

For all our goals, dreams, and hopes these same questions we need to ask ourselves.

Inauguration Day Nelson Mandela and FW de Klerk Celebrate the End of South African Apartheid

In the aftermath of our country being challenged once again by Mother Nature, I think we need to be asking ourselves these questions. Instead of looking at these forces greater than us as our enemy, and threat to life as we know it in the United States, perhaps these storms are a part of what will create heaven on Earth and end man’s inhumanity to man.

What if it could still happen? What if it could still happen that everyone who was effected by the storm could know that they will be better for it? What if it could still happen that we could have Peace and Heaven on Earth? What if it could still happen that I marry have a family, publish, have financial success which are my dreams for my life? What if it could still happen that your dreams are coming true?

What if being in prison is a part of it happening? What if our being in the ‘prison’ of our belief systems of duality is a part of it happening? What if having a belief that we are in ‘prison’ with  Mother Nature as our incarcerator is a part of it happening? What if my being in the ‘prison’ of my belief systems of lack and limitation is a part of it happening? What if the absence of what is possible is a part of the presence of what is possible?

What if this is what it looks like while it is happening? What if this opportunity for us to listen to greater forces, for us to change the value system of profits before people? What if this is what it looks like for all of us to reach for faith instead of fear? We are not separate from these storms, tornados, floods, earthquakes and hurricanes. They are reflections of us. So today, I will pray for humility to not tame the forces of nature and myself. Today I will honor that there is a greater force that holds the planets in the sky and that force is available for you and I.

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