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Resolutions for Life

This post from December 2010 is needing to be shared again. Though the graphics do not say 2012, the sentiments are exactly what I want to share again. My life had become unmanageable when I wrote Things To Do ~ The Life List. The truth was I did not think I could ever recover. Today, 2.5 years later, I have more faith than ever before. Though there are external conditions in my life that have the appearance of instability, I am resolute on the inside. Life really is not about where we are going, but how we are getting there. Love is my compass, my way, and I have already arrived. I hope you keep arriving and swirling in the love you already are! Happy New Year 2013 – bring it on!
Always All Ways, Sally

Sally Aderton's Blog

In December it is the time in the year for me to be in constant relationship to my “Things to Do” List. I am very inspired for some reason to have them on Yellow lined pads. It just feels right. Hand written, sometimes separate Lists going all at once:  ISA a.k.a. Intuitive Arts & Sciences my healing practice, AMSI my real estate practice, and Home for things to do there or for me personally. Then, at the Holydays the auspicious Gifts List and Christmas Card Lists. Yes, I keep a hand written List for what I am going “To Do”.

In my teaching of Universal Spiritual principles over the last 27 years, I know that the first level of Manifestation is visualization. The second level is taking the vision out of the mental world, and putting into the physical. Since it is sometimes necessary to do things in steps (Rome…

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