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Awesome Autumn Cool News from the Sally Swirl

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Inspiration Campaign
News from the Sally Swirl
Autumn 2013
Dear Rabia,

Greetings from my happy heart, the latest chapter of myCelebrate and share the messages from the State of the Estuary Conference story, and the grace of life in the time of harvest!

The Big News Flashes:
1. My Spiritual Coaching program is H.A.P.P.E.N.I.N.G!
2. I am a Leadership Steward of Inspiration Campaign.
Soulwork with Sally Aderton is still on the Hollywood radar.
4. Dec 19th thru Jan 6th I am in Illinois for the Holydays+.

5. In 3 weeks I leave Monterey to live in the SF Bay Area!
6. My life is just simply magic ~ read cool poem at the end : ).

If this is all you read of this email, know I appreciate your presence in my Swirl. Referrals are what makes my business work so thank you for yours! No matter where in the world you, your referrals, or I are – with technology connection is easy!

Now for the rest of you Darlings, the Details…..

Spiritual Direction Coaching is a Hit!
85.jpgWow! I have been totally surprised by the immediate success of my Spiritual Coaching programs! Resistance has been totally Mine for the last 28 years to create any kind of obligatory relationship to my clients, or my clients to me. Six minutes after sending out my eBlast Labor Day Weekend announcing this service, I had my first sign up. Amazing!

With coaching clients in the SF Bay Area, Chicago & San Diego, it is good to experience this facilitation of goals, dreams, and desires. My heart is grateful that my client’s needs are supported unique to them.

For example:
~ a Mom is returning to work after a decade spent raising kids. She wants to re-brand and update her way of running her business.
~ a Client does not have a spiritual community nor a spiritual guru but wants to have a quarterly check-in just on their spiritual growth from a neutral source.
~ a Wife wants to have better balance in her marriage, with her kids, and to know her own spiritual path.

Do you want consistent, timely, loving support? Yes, Sally, help!

NOTE: Never, ever believe that money is the reason you cannot work with me! My sliding scale starts at $50 (my 1986 rate 😉 and my session rate of $200 has not changed in 13 years (though our economy has). Just ask for what works for you! Private Sessions, Coaching Programs, Groups, etc. are all open to anyone who wants help. My reward is being in loving service to you!

Sharing the Sally Swirl!

Inspiration Campaign=Love+Words=Good

Robert Bengtson, the artist who conceived this amazing service to the world said Yes! to my help! The Creative Maverick, Me, is having non-stop fun with inspired action that’s making a difference in the San Francisco Bay Area. With your help, let’s take it to the world. You are invited to share positivity everywhere and anywhere, just Click to participate. When you vote, or donate, you gift random peeps who see the media ~ Inspiration! As you splash these gifts in your social media puddles, they travel the trails of cyberland with a spark! Either way you make a ripple of good for us all! Isn’t that cool, awesome, and inspiring?! Yes! Inspire
© www.InspirationCampaign.orgJust sayin’…..

Soulwork with Sally Aderton ~ A Healing TV Show!
For info contact Soulwork Productions Keep those prayers coming! You can help bring transformational TV forward!
Illinois for the Holydays ~ Dec 18, 2013 to Jan 6, 2014
Add Description Please contact me if you would like to host an Evening with Sally, have a private session, would like me to speak to your community, or want to organize an Intuitive Development Workshop. We have the power to create what works and what is festive, too!
For Holyday Heartland Swirling:
Next: A House-sitting Gig in the SF Bay Area : )
For t Add Description he past 15 months I have had the privilege of caring for a house in Monterey in exchange for a place to call home. The beach here has been my smile. Here is a shout-out to you: I would love your help to find a new smile and similar situation in Marin, Sonoma, or Napa. Home trade/exchanges serves my ability to be in Service, keep writing or creating magic, and help to build Inspiration Campaign to be a sustainable organization. Please put the word out to your networks, keep your ears & eyes open, and let’s see what the Universe provides. It always does! Click here for my CraigsList Ad.
Ciao for now, until our paths cross again!

Remember it is you that are the greatest blessing in my life. We come into this world with nothing. We leave with nothing. We come here to Earth to love, be loved, and learn about love. The only thing that really matters in between is how we share time and experience, witness each other, and create memories together.

Like Scoop Nisker used to say on KFOG, “If you do not like the news, go out and make some of your own!” Please share your news with me. I love to hear from you. Actually, even better, let’s go out and make some of our own news and memories, together!

Always, Sally

Lift your wings so Creation dances forward

as the music of your
soul sings to the
beat of your heart

Our wings are faith
and courage
Our wings are possibility
and imagination
Our wings are family, friends, strangers
and all living Beings

Our wind is love that blows eternally from heaven as we breathe Come, fly with me free
as we surrender to the awe of the Great Mystery!

As we heal ourselves, we heal the world!
510-908-7319 phone/text * salgalove Skype * @sallyaderton
Intuitive Arts & Sciences * PO Box 356 * San Bruno * CA * 94066
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Intuitive Arts & Sciences | PO Box 356 | San Bruno | CA | 94066

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