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Winter News & Knows from Sally

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News & Knows
Winter 2014
Dear Rabia,

It is the last day of Winter and I have yet to send my seasonal chatty newsletter. Being verbose is normally an accurate description for me. If we have just met, then you know I sparkle and that is because I am always polishing the diamond of my soul. This winter I scrubbed hard in the bitter cold of the Midwest. Then and there, honestly, I just did not know what to say. Then last night it came to me. What is most important for you to hear, and for me to share, is that I am writing a new chapter in the story of Sally Aderton. I am open to guidance, directives, and support to create another lifestyle. I can swirl no more. It is time to come home. It is time to do life anew.

The definition of insanity from the wisdom of Albert Einstein is:
to do the same thing and expect a different outcome. It is time for me to do something different and I invite your participation.

In life we are never alone. If ‘pride goeth before the fall’ I am willing to be transparent to you, my community. I have nothing to hide, be ashamed of, nor can I run away. I am willing to be vulnerable and ask for help. We all loved Brene Brown’s TED talk but do we actually live it? When you come to me for help, I do not judge. I facilitate healing to change your experience. In this exchange, we are collaborators of Creation. I can be raw because I love myself. It is not self-pity or self-loathing for me to share my process – it is courageous, fearless, love.

Though I am a great spin doctor when it comes to changing conflicts into growth opportunities, sometimes, calling a spade, a spade, is the most Authentic and Liberating action we can do. My business, though beneficial for the clients who utilize my skills, does not sustain a home, insurance, food (I have been on food-stamps for 2 years), debt, and, well, freedom. For decades I have said: negating the negative does not make a positive. I am not going to hide behind the hype of spiritual new-age axioms, manifesting affirmations, metaphysical pontification, or postulating. This is is my re-evolution….fearless honesty.112.jpg

If you have leads to jobs, part-time or full time, in the Bay Area that are looking now for someone ready to commit and be on-task with a varied skillset…from marketing, to compassionate care, to project or people management, to creative word-smithing, to social media content creation and maintenance, to spiritual direction coaching, to real estate, to executive assistant, to active listening and solution finding, to poet, to leadership, to transformational process work, to answering the phone and making coffee…I am ready. I am willing. I am able. Know that in addition to baring my soul to you, continuing to do sessions and part-time contract jobs, I am applying for jobs online, networking, talking to folks and being proactive in the process and so for a current resume-Click.

As we go with ourselves where ever we go, I will continue to go forward with love. I will continue to create from love. I will continue to embrace my pain with love and do the same with yours. I will continue to celebrate the hearts I see in the world all around me. I will continue to encourage every heart that partners with mine to bring something better alive for us all. I do not know how to do anything else. What I choose to do is keep loving others and myself forward. I know who I am is not defined by my job, but how I show up in the world.

Tomorrow Spring begins and today the ‘winter of my discontent’ ends. Today, I open myself wide to let the light shine in. I have not lost hope nor faith that something easier is at hand. The main reason I do not give up is I receive the love of family, friends, and clients in my day to day experience of living my story. There is no greater power in the world than that!

So I hope that I have flipped the switch of raw honesty in your heart so you are awake, inspired, and shining too. I pray that you are opening to more love, acceptance and grace as we create the human story in the post-technological revolution for us all.

Together, let us light up the world!

Love Always,

117.jpgNOTE: A special thanks to Robert Bengtson and Inspiration Campaign for the service you give to the world. Thank you as well for making my heart shine to be seen and heard. Smiles and deep appreciation to the kind eye of Richard Seagraves who brings out my inner light with his magical photos. Thank you for the opportunity to serve a vision of a world that reflects back to us positive messages for us to see the truth of who we really are. : )

As we heal ourselves, we heal the world!
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