Who Leads In the Dance of Love?


How do we dance with intimacy and be free, and be held too, in the same moment? How do we give with no want to receive in return, especially paying attention to not keep score nor thinking we have a balance scale? Can “unconditional” love be possible when to call it that specifically creates a condition called “unconditional’? How do we dance with trust that the other will be there to catch us when we fall, or cheer us when we fly, without some shared understanding and common value?

When I remember I am Love peace returns from what feels like a power struggle of will. I already own what I want from someone else. I choose to give what I own, my love, to meet with the love another owns. It is there on that common ground where infinite possibilities of creation exist, and the dance goes on. Then time becomes our friend as it alone knows where the story goes.

Shall we dance?

Always, Sally




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