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The Interdependent Heart Creates Heaven on Earth


Nocturne by Martin Wittfooth

Hear my words
Sheerah lives
Born wild and born free
The Mother

Hear my song
As the melody flows
Falling forth from
My raging risen river
Of Love

The moment has come to capture
The minds of humans
Ready to live
Ready to be
Ready to know

Pieta II by Martin Wittfooth

Pieta II by Martin Wittfooth

The time of fracture
Is no more
for Rainbow Warriors
Awoke from the sleeping dream
Danced their spiral dance
And ushered forth the
New Age of Human Be.ing

Foretold before
It must be roared again
Now to People Everywhere:

Peace in the promised land is near
Beauty fuels our forward motion
To thrive

Evolution of humans
Energy, Incarnate souls of eternal light
We re.member who we are

Revolution of cultures
In, to where truth light shines
Woven dreams to Interdependence
For the hope to survive

The Human Condition
Motion, creation from the heart of knowing:

Golod by Martin Wittfooth

Golod by Martin Wittfooth

Is the Path for all to be

The Rainbow Warriors Have slept not since
The Harmonic Convergence
As they danced the Earth United
Inviting all to join
The Human Family
Where each voice matters their interdependent story
Fused again to wholeness
They are separate together
And make more

Heaven is here
The garden of Eden
No longer forgotten
For hearts are found
Not lost
All ways

~ Sally Aderton

Inspired by the painting of Martin Wittfooth featured in Babel by Mark Murphy

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