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“Worry About You!” Surrendering to the Process of Co-writing Our Life Story with the Divine

As we heal ourselves, we heal the world has been my tagline since 1986. ‘Out of the mouth of babes’ we often hear the profoundest wisdom. Though worry is a waste of time (that is another Blog post), it was, of course, perfect that this funny, fabulous, innocent example of setting clear boundaries, taking personal responsibility, and truth, came into my awareness:

It is my curiosity about the human condition, compassion, and true desire to make a difference that motivates both my introspection and my desire to help people. Yet, how often to I try to control when and where I am in service? How often do we think we know ourselves only to find out their is more to discover? When are we going to love people even when they are struggling, imperfect, and on their learning edge? This is why I my daily workshop – Learning to Love No Matter What – continues to be so rich, inspiring, and enlightening for me. My hope always is that by the willingness I have to be transparent in my process, I am inspiring courage for yours.

Because, it is true:


There is a quickening within me around the process as I end this year of 2014 to integrate the #1 lesson, personal healing, AFGO (another %$*#! growth opportunity) and where my learning edge resides with this workshop:  control – ie. my will verses Thy will. This year’s theme, spun from the positive has been surrender to learn to love no matter what the unfolding Mystery Story called The Life and Times of Sally Aderton. What I have had to surrender the most is my expectation that I should have a normal life and for my obvious struggles of the past 5 years since living ‘At Large”.

Views from heaven..

Views from heaven..

Often the story reads like fantasy fiction – example, like staying in November in a private guest home in Pebble Beach with sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean while being as one friend called me, “homeless and penniless”. Truth is perspective, right?

Sometimes the story reads like a travel adventure novel – like the June road trip to Utah to help a friend deal with her mother’s estate. We ran out of gas right near a prison because they could not wait to get away from the ordeal so was not very present.PrisonNVJun14 Then sometimes it reads like a Harleqin romance novel or actually more like the book by Greg Behrendt, He’s Just Not That Into You. (No, I am not going to name names ; )

Irregardless, what you can count on my story will be colorful, magical, not normal, and totally with the purpose to teach others and myself to Love No Matter What! And, I will help others, when I am asked or when I offer and they answer ‘yes’, from the wisdom I have earned honesty by healing myself.  I promise, if you say “No” just like our beautiful Russ on the video, I am still going to love you, and me too because all of us matter to the Divine. Thy Will loves us just the way we are so let just do it too!

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  1. patricia nissan

     /  December 9, 2014

    love this one salgal! xo

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