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Winter 2015 News & Knows from the Dancing Heart of Sally Aderton

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News & Knows
Winter 2015
Dear Rabia,

The Office

As I write this Winter Newsletter from my office, I am thinking about why I changed the name last year from News From The Sally Swirl to News & Knows. My ongoing life workshop of – love no matter what – has expanded to – love no matter who, where, when, and how! Why does not figure in to the workshop curriculum because I already know – it is not news – love is always the why.

No filter just #artislovecomealive by looking up to see #awe. I #love old #architecture & #craftmanship, #libraries = #thesantuaryofwords #sallyaderton #unconditionallove #intuitiveartsandsciences #thecreationstation
Stained Glass Ceiling & Chandelier

While living with my parents this winter, I have spent copious hours in the La Salle Public Library. I find the turn of the century architecture and to be surrounded by books, truly inspiring. The lovely librarians allow me to have the privacy of The Study Room for hours on end. My life is a daily testimonial of gratitude for what I have. The sanctity of this happy place I will always carry in my memory. This time I am certain will not come again.

88b9257e-8177-4d0d-ac53-5fb8e37cb41f.jpg My favorite thing right now is the Phonto App on my iPhone. The images that are in this newsletter with text were all created in the palm of my hand then loaded up to Instagram. God bless my Katie Dode, my creative and talented 14 year old niece who keeps me current with what is trending for the youth. Every artist today has a canvas on the world wide web. Enjoy the smiles from my heart!

Read on to find out what is current and coming soon in my swirl. I have come to terms with the fact that in some way I will always be Swirlin’ Sal. In 1987 there was the first New Age holiday called The Harmonic Convergence. The Mayan Prophesy according to art historian, Jose Arguelles paraphrased more poetically in my memory as this:

144,000 Rainbow Warriors will awaken from the sleeping dream to dance the Spiral Dance and bring humanity forward in the New Age.

Guess who is one of those Dancers? Yup, you guessed right! Let me know the who/what/where/when/how’s in your swirl. I hope we get to dance the why in the waking dream together soon!

Smiles Always, Sal

Westward Ho ~ California Here I Come!
957e0116-10dd-4bea-8ff4-2c7bb8e09b63.jpg March 12th I am winging my way to San Jose to start a swirl Southern California way. I’ll be available for appointments in La Jolla
March 18-25. For sessions in Los Angeles on
March 16, or the following week when I drive north again, call me.
From the end of March to the end of June, I will be house sitting in Berkeley. Since my business – private sessions or business consulting – is mostly conducted via Skype or online it matters not where I am. However, no matter where I roam, the Bay Area continues to be home.

If you want to organize a gathering or workshop, I would love to share my gifts. Just ask and let’s create magic together.

For Sessions call or text 510-908-7319 today!
Creative Maverick Me Happy To Help in a Myriad of Wonder.filled Ways
d7e33da7-5b82-4394-8a12-13c12094be9a.png Did you know that a part of the services I offer is marketing, branding, sales support, and business development coaching? Yup. It is true. Although metaphysics I have worn on my sleeve – way before mindfulness became mainstream – my life has always been about practical magic, ecumenical spiritual practices, and how I can be in service no matter what my job description.

This has been the most amazing year. I prayed and prayed for a part-time job so that I could write and continue to develop my private healing and teaching. Joseph Campbell one of my heroes, said the essence of all the mythologies of history say the meaning of life is:
Follow your bliss

To follow my fun factor and heart, means to utilize all of my skills and knowledge, to work with a variety of people, to participate in a variety of industries, and to do it in multiple locations. Thus, my business consulting practice has steadily grown. My prayer was answered like most prayers…not how I would expected it to be!

So I encourage you to stay faithful to your creative process, to follow your bliss, and to know that if you need help walking between the worlds, I will be there with you. Some of my Spiritual Direction Coaching Clients are also using The Creation Station. How wonderful that life can be integrated when we can follow our bliss.

Click the pic for the description of services. A big Thank you to my amazing clients! AMSI, Bodies in Balance, Imagine Wellness, IZALE Financial Group, soon to launch Uplifted, and Warehouse416.
Update on Energy In Motion ~ It’s A Process
367b6e4e-e7e1-427f-ad73-d61a3534fba0.jpgFinally the light at the end of the editing tunnel is starting to glimmer! God Bless David Colin Carr and his infinite patience. His support, helpful suggestions and thorough editing have created an even better end product for you. Just last week the cover art was secured. Mark Murphy Design is still on board to wrap it in beauty. Now the task of loading into Create Space and cranking it out to the world is at hand.

In the meantime, I am still accepting support for donations and gifting eBooks+ in return. For more information on my own version of “crowd fun(d)ing” please click here.

Thank You to All who are helping to bring this dream to life!
#breathe #mantra for my #mindfulness #walkthewalk #talkthetalk #walkthetalk #love #peace #beherenow #sallyaderton #unconditionallove #intuitiveartsandsciences #thecreationstation #artislovecomealive What is missing from this photo is the eagle which flew over my head. I wasn’t quick enough to capture their image, but know their energy is there. This is true in life. There is always more to every picture. Cheers to discovery in everyday!

Always from my Dancing Heart to Yours ~ Sally


As we heal ourselves, we heal the world!
510-908-7319 phone/text * salgalove on Skype * @sallyaderton on Twitter

Intuitive Arts & Sciences * PO Box 356 * San Bruno * CA * 94066

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Intuitive Arts & Sciences | PO Box 356 | San Bruno | CA | 94066
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