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Mission: Small Business Application for Intuitive Arts & Sciences June 2012

Intuitive Arts & Sciences

Sally Aderton’s dancing heart and logo for Intuitive Arts & Sciences.

Tell us about your business; how successful is it and why is it unique?

For the past 27 years I have been helping people, business, and communities help themselves. What makes my business unique is that when I started in 1986, Oprah, Louise Hay, Tony Robbins and others had not yet made the self-help business the accepted industry it is today. I have been a part of taking metaphysics, mindfulness, and spirituality mainstream.  I am one of the Cultural Creatives that bridged spirituality and business, simply by showing up and doing a good job.

Have you ever seen someone’s eyes light up because they have been inspired? Have you ever seen someone’s dream come true because you helped him or her open a door? Have you ever witnessed a miracle? These are the reasons that my business is successful. With my deep listening skills, honed intuition, and trained intellect, I am able to help others create their own solutions to the challenges before them.

Each one of us has our own life to live. We are socialized to believe that somehow conforming, or adapting to a stats quo, is the rewarded path. In truth, it is by truly listening to ourselves, we become fulfilled.  No one can live another’s life. We are absolutely unique, yet we are all faced with the same variables of the human condition. This is true for a family, a company, an organization-none of them are identical either.  Yet all have the same challenges of wellness, sustainability, functionality, and success.

With my deep listening skills as the foundation of my business, the walls are my creativity. I have the capacity to truly ‘think outside the box’ and help others make things happen. I am a maverick in the true sense of the word. Vision without action means nothing. I help people come up with effective action plans, taking into account the purpose of their life or the mission of their business or organization. If we are in harmony with our deepest self, fulfillment and success are possible. So to complete the metaphor, the roof of my business is my faith in the inventiveness that lives inside each of us.

Since the beginning of my business, I have been asked to be an inspirational speaker for groups and companies to share what I know. Whether the topic is about making a difference in the lives of others, marketing a product or service, or over-coming personal challenges of illness, my goal is the same. I want to help people, communities, and the world know we can do it better, live it better, and be better.

I have been published in inspirational magazines, interviewed on radio, and my words and wisdom have been included in the books of others. My leadership and mentoring has made a difference in the lives of thousands of people worldwide. I truly believe that all of us have a gift to give to the world. That gift is for us to be ourselves. I am a champion for all of us to live our hopes and dreams.

How is your business involved with the community you serve?

My website, Blog, YouTube Videos, Facebook postings, Twitter, and other social media portals are ways that I give inspiration to the world. Helping people and making a difference for the better is the purpose of my business. Maya Angelou said it well:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

My client base extends from San Francisco to New York, from to Seattle to Miami, from Chicago to San Diego, from the United States to Switzerland, from England to New Zealand, from Brazil to India, from Turkey to Germany, from Finland to Canada. The community I serve is truly the world.

From 2002 through 2009 I worked as an independent contractor for a truly ‘out of the box’ real estate company. It was this company I left in 1990 to pursue my consulting practice. When my personal healing crisis trumped my ability to travel, I was offered the chance to work for them on a contract basis. American Marketing Systems Inc., in San Francisco, hired me to manage a few Interns and do a bit of marketing. Within a year, my contact was full time recruiting agents and interns, managing the Intern program, doing marketing, and re-branding the entire company.

My consistency, the exemplary experiences of the Interns, and my advocacy for them caught the attention of Peggy Fleming. Peggy is the owner of Internscout and Prakitka, in Germany, and the Director for the German American Chamber of Commerce of California. She invited me to be on the Chamber Board of Directors. I served the GACC of CA from 2008 through 2011.

The contacts, clients, Interns, and staff are all still a part of my network though the real estate industry did not allow a continuation of my contract. I will have a lifelong relationship to AMSI due to my valuable contributions. When we do not burn the bridges of our past, we build new ones for our future. These are the kind of relationship tools that I share with my clients.

My European clients sponsor travel for me to be there in person. With Skype, I am able to maintain my international consulting and counseling effortlessly.  I have been interviewed on radio shows pod-casted to the world. Additional involvement includes my volunteer work, my free sessions I give to people with terminal illness, and my materials I give away on my website.

Other ways I show up in my community is to marry people committed to love. Also, I have had the joy to officiate baby blessings, house blessings and other personal rituals. Additionally, I have had the honor of officiating funerals and memorials for those who have passed. The service I can provide as a non-denominational minister, basically a neural party, to lead personal ceremony is needed. How I inspire or help others will be the legacy of Intuitive Arts & Sciences for the world now and the future to come.

What would a $250k grant mean to your business plan and how will you utilize the funds to ensure long-term growth and stability?

Stability will be obtained by selling merchandise. These product lines will have different brands, demographic markets, and serve several different objectives. The $250,000 would allow me to create jobs for others, share inspirational tools, expand my ability to help those in need, and provide a vehicle for multiple revenue streams.

The first expenditure would be to incorporate Intuitive Arts & Sciences and trademark the dancing heart logo. This then would create an umbrella for other smaller product lines to be developed independently but with the protection of an LLC.

The first revenue stream would be to self-publish several books that have already been or are being written, including:

-Emotion:  Evolution, Revolution and The Human Condition

-Forgiveness, A Path of Peace

-Pocket Pictures:  Accidental Art & Wisdom

-But It Was Brain Surgery – A Collaboration on Courage

Each of these books would have their own website, marketing plan, and distribution channels.

I have the potential to host a radio show on VoiceAmerica the leading Internet media network with an audience of 3 million global listeners. This is a platform to educate on wellness, integrative healing techniques, introduce New Thought Leaders, and casts a wider net for me to serve those who are potential customers or clients.

The next revenue stream would be to develop www.BellyBeauty.com . In 2008, I conceived and wrote a business plan for an Internet jewelry and personal ornamentation service.  There is a philosophy that crystals and stones hold particular vibrational healing capacities. Belly Beauty would be a service that would custom design and produce belly chains, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, purse or bag bling, hanging ornamentation or amulets, and other creations.

I have already a vendor in Bali who has skilled crafts-people, un-used beads and materials, and a distribution plan for her now minimal jewelry business. The main expense would be in the design of the website/store. With an aggressive marketing plan, this business could be operational within a month of receiving the grant.

The third revenue stream is a marketing company that would partner as a social justice campaign for existing worldwide concerns. As long as I have been doing my work, I have told clients, “No is a positive word!” I want to have bumper stickers, T-Shirts, coffee cups, and any other type of marketing collateral with this slogan in every language in the world. I believe in it so much, I already own the domain names noisapositiveword.com, .net, and .org!

The .org site would offer to Non-profits a tailored marketing plan, collateral, and website. This would allow them to have, for a discount, the slogan for their own use. An example would be for Mother’s Against Drunk Driving:

MADD says “No is a positive word!” Never drive under the influence.

A portion of all of the profits from this endeavor would go back to any of the organizations that use it.

I have a worldwide client base. I have loyal customers. They will purchase what I create. I am ready, willing, and able to do it.

What types of challenges can you identify with your plan and how will you overcome them?

For the success of mine, or any enterprise, they are all subject to the variables of time, resources, and market conditions. The whole point of applying for the Mission: Small Business grant is to circumvent these variables by the following examples:

The Time Challenge

When you are solo, there is no one else to help with the details of database management, market research, prospecting for new clients, relationship management with existing clients, accounting, tax preparation, social media, technology, and the awareness of relevant new discoveries in my industry…. whew! Delegation is necessary to do the writing, teaching, consulting, and healing. This is the service-me.

How I would handle this challenge is to use my grant to create employment opportunities for others. Delegation I believe is the fastest way to grow a business. The most effective tasks to delegate are the one’s that I do not do well.  And, for these duties there are multitudes of people who have the skill sets that need jobs!

Hiring staff will also include hiring International Interns. As I created, managed, and mentored hundreds of students in the past decade, I cannot imagine that I would stop. The absolute joy of creating opportunities for other’s to learn by hands-on training changed my life, and clearly the lives of others. I have stories to tell like a proud mama. Such as, one of my Interns became the marketing manager for Nike in Italy. Another became the International sales manager for a Germany advertising business, and relocated to California to manage their US office. The list goes on.

The World-wide Web continues to open the global economy and I want to continue to build bridges for others and the innovations that come behind all of our present endeavors. This is how we heal the world.

The Resources Challenge

To be able to participate within my industry, publishing and ‘back of the room’ products are what create the continuity. In order to create the books, audio CDs, teaching DVDS, inspirational merchandise, and products that clients can take home, it takes investment dollars. I would create affordable products to sell.

The Market Conditions Challenge

At this point in the world economy, the healing/helping industries are needed even more. With heath-care costs, insurance premiums, and the stresses of daily life skyrocketing, my services are in greater demand. However, it is still a challenge to help a diverse population. There is so much fear that is driving purchase choices that something seen as a ‘luxury service’ is not what people spend their money on.  I need to become more accessible through products such as books, MP3 teachings, radio, and affordable tools.

Right now the topic of emotional wellness in business has taken a lead as the most popular books on productivity and health in the workplace. Healthcare cost for the individual rises not just for the individual but for employers as well.  I want to use my grant to promote more visibility in the corporate market through public speaking and trainings.

Describe the talent on your team and how they make your business successful.

The talent on my team is me! Intuitive Arts & Sciences is a micro business. I am proud to say I have attributes and experience that are noteworthy, courageous, and global.

In 1990, when I was just 27 years old, I spoke at the 2nd World Congress of Healers for Peace at Waikato University in Hamilton, New Zealand. Up to that point, my private practice had been my avocation; in the evenings and on weekends I saw private clients and taught workshops on Intuitive Development and Meditation. During the week, I was a real estate agent in a boutique business that I helped create.

Within a year after the Congress, I was traveling nationally then internationally, sharing my insights and inspiration with others. Throughout the 1990s there was a good economy, people were embracing this new awakened spirituality, and I was embracing the new technologies. By then, I had witnessed healing, recovery, and miraculous transformations, much of it due to the Forgiveness process I developed for my clients.

Then in 1999 I started a graduate program through Naropa University on Creation Spirituality in Oakland, CA. It had been one year to the day of my brain surgery. As a part of my recovery, it was clear to me that I had to exercise the muscle that was wounded. In 2001, I received my MA degree by completing my thesis, Forgiveness:  A Path of Peace. This was based on the process that I had already been using successfully worldwide to change people’s lives for the better.  I walk my talk, period.

One example of how my work has helped others is from a client in France. She had worked for an NGO that did investigation work for the United Nations. When speaking at an International Woman’s conference in Prague in 2009, she used my thesis on Forgiveness to teach how to reinvent relationships in the workplace. My ideas transcend cultures, language, economic status, education and religious ideology. With my Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology, I am a student of the human condition. My fascination is in our concepts of personal power, responsibility, and the creation of functional communities. I have always been ecumenical, accepting, and open to how others create life. However, there is a reason my tagline has been the same since 1986. I believe all cultural change, begins with us. Thus, as we heal ourselves, we heal the world.

Change is the basic tenant of nature. Nothing ever stays permanent and so we must always look toward how we can evolve to make our goals and dreams happen.  I am not afraid to walk to the beat of my own drum, and to continually learn or invent new rhythms. Nor am I closed to listening to the drumbeat of others.  What brings me the greatest joy is when we realize we are in the circle of the world, playing together.  I am successful because I listen deeply, act courageously, and create life to be better for everyone.

Additional relevant information you would like to share.

In 1998, the growth of my business slowed dramatically by an acoustic neuroma brain tumor. I was able, against all odds, to recover the function to the right side of my face. The nerve died and I lost 50% of my hearing during the surgery. My compassion for others grew exponentially, and my belief that we are more powerful than we realize.

A doctor at Stanford told me a year after the surgery, when I had 97.8% of NON-function to the nerve, my recovery was over. With courage and conviction I did everything possible to change that prognosis. And, I did. I am a more credible champion of personal power because the results can be witnessed on my own face. There is nothing more compelling than photos and I encourage anyone reading my profile to visit the Bio/History link on my website www.sallyaderton.com to see for yourself, my miracle.

A decade ago, 1.5% of the books on brain surgery were about the recovery. Today that number has grown to 5% of the total books. This is a crime as the fallout and need for support is necessary. A decade ago, there were less than 30,000 people a year having brain surgery. Now, there are 600,000 a year! That number is equivalent to the population of Washington, DC, the city of Dubai, and the whole country of Macau! There is no lack of people needing help just with this issue alone.

At this time, I am in the process of writing a book with a group of other survivors of brain surgery. The name of the book is But It Was Brain Surgery – A Collaboration on Courage. We want to be a chorus for other’s to champion their path of healing. The contributors come from different walks of life, ages, and experiences. Here is a partial list:

-Suzy Becker who wrote I Had Brain Surgery, What’s Your Excuse.

-Zach Lederer who’s “Zaching” is a viral message on courage.

-Linda Ohlson-Graham, a poet and peace activist.

-Thomas Donovan, a leader of the Acoustic Neuroma Association in California.

This book is just one more example of how I want to share my own journey, to help others.

There is ample information on the Internet about me. The testimonials alone on my LinkedIn profile will give you the clarity of insight of how I show up.  What is not there is why I named my business how is I did.

The reason it is Intuitive Arts & Sciences, is that we must be both creative and intellectual, to make our goals, dreams, and relationships happen. Intuition is not metaphysical mumbo-jumbo. The word means, “knowing”. Intuition is our instinctual understanding. It is in everyone. I am an artist and scientist of knowing the human condition. I show up everyday to help in any way I can with what I know, and, the curiosity to find out about what I don’t. By doing so, I help make the world a better place for us all.

PO Box 356 • San Bruno • CA • 94066

510-908-7319 mobile

www.sallyaderton.com  •  sally@sallyaderton.com

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