Soulwork-Energy In Motion Retreat in Colorado

Retreat into timelessness by savoring the present moment! Gather insights from the past, plan & vision for the future, while reveling in the celebration of the now all in the splendor of the Rocky Mountains at Earthstar Retreat Center .


Westernward View Telluride Valley

  • Spiritual/Intuitive Development
  • Meditation & Introspection,
  • Yoga, Healthy Food & Rest
  • Nature Mindfulness Walks
  • Communion with Others & Self
  • Creative Activities & Play
  • Strengthening the Connection to the Divine in All Forms

This invitation is to give focused attention to our unique inner wisdom inside while deepening our awareness of all life around. All of these gift are given in the company of like-minded souls in the spectacular beauty of the Western Slope just outside Telluride.

Fee for the retreat is $595*

*including accommodations, meals, snacks,  workshop classes & art supplies

This workshop/retreat is limited to 18 people so reserve quickly not to miss this opportunity to commune deeply with the wild in the nature that will surround you and the wild of the spirit of creation inside of you. Feel free to invite your community!

For a Downloadable PDF click:  earthstarflyer2016


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