12 Lessons learned from Brain Surgery

  1. I learned that I am not alone.
  2. I learned that healing the body takes time.
  3. I learned that I am the doctor.
  4. I learned who were really my friends.
  5. I learned that illness gives focus and purpose to life.
  6. I learned that the body doesn’t lie and it accepts lies as truth.
  7. I learned that no matter how spiritual I am hurt does hurt.
  8. I learned that healing is a cyclical and lineal process.
  9. I learned that I have to honor my body’s use of energy.
  10. I learned that the metaphor is not just a metaphor (i.e. it was in my face).
  11. I learned that why something happens to us is not as important as how we deal with what happens to us.
  12. I learned that broken-ness is wholeness.
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  1. Beautiful. I hope every child that ever had any facial mishap can see you before and after! It’s all about love and faith. Loving you wherever you go, Suzy



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