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Sneak Peak at Sally’s Forthcoming Book


“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”

Albert Einstein

“Emotion, it’s just energy moving around.”

Sally Aderton


I           Introduction                                                                Page 10

Invocation                                                                                Page 19


II         Evolution – Intuition in Everyday Life                    Page 23

Chapter 1: The One Mind                                                       Page 23

Chapter 2: The Ways of an Ultra-Sensitive                        Page 33

Chapter 3: Channeling as a Tool                                            Page 40

Chapter 4: Who is Talking Now?                                           Page 45

Chapter 5: Exercising the Intuitive Muscle                          Page 58

Chapter 6: The Power of Imagination                                   Page 62

Chapter 7: Dreams and Insight                                              Page 67

Chapter 8: Ethics of Intuition                                                 Page 75


III        Revolution – Perceiving Beyond the Apparent            Page 81

Chapter 9: The Spiritual Revolution                                           Page 81

Chapter 10: Black and White in a Grey World                          Page 90

Chapter 11: Forms and Teaching of Spirit Guides                    Page 101

Chapter 12: Death is Life                                                                Page 113

Chapter 13: Money = Love + Action                                            Page 122

Chapter 14: The Will to Heal                                                        Page 128

Chapter 15: Walk the Talk – Brain Surgery PhD in Healing Page 133


IV        The Human Condition – Healing the 4th Dimension              Page 154

Chapter 16: Responsibility and Karma Now                                          Page 154

Chapter 17: Defining the 4th Dimension                                                 Page 164

Chapter 18: The Path of Healing                                                              Page 175

Chapter 19: The 5 Steps of Forgiveness – A Path of Peace                Page 187

Chapter 20: Past Life Influences                                                             Page 196

Chapter 21: Again? I Thought I Was Done With That!                      Page 215

Chapter 22: The Thing Called Love                                                       Page 229

Chapter 23: Elements of Life on Earth                                                 Page 244

Chapter 24: Living Life At Large                                                           Page 249


V         Conclusion                                                                                      Page 263


VI        Benediction                                                                                    Page 271


VI        Appendix                                                                                        Page 273




I        Introduction & Invocation


This book addresses the hope of a world unified by a new understanding of consciousness. It is time to embrace what we know as spiritual truth and affirm that we have the power within us to create miracles. I see them everyday in my life and I am not more or less deserving than the next human being. The difference is in my perspective, the matrix with which I view the world. I intend to illustrate here my reality, my understanding of the human condition, and my experience as a non-denominational spiritual teacher and healer. I have been privileged and fortunate to guide others to a greater knowing of themselves and the world. Sharing this wisdom, and many miraculous stories, may awaken even more to the experience of living in Love.

E-Motion: Evolution, Revolution, and The Human Condition is my knowing, that consciousness is a perpetual motion machine of energy manifesting in infinite ways with infinite creative potential. Thus, life is energy in motion, E-motion. This book is really about God and consciousness and not just a statement about how feelings affect our lives. I will however talk a great deal about the fourth dimensional world of feelings, emotion.

Each of us on the planet Earth has the capacity to experience deep emotional pain. I want to teach one perspective on why and what we can do about it. The time is now for us to handle our pain responsibly. We as individuals are what are creating the collective experience. ‘They’, ‘those’, and ‘them’ are us! We are not separate from anything, ever. We are not ever alone no matter how isolated we feel. We are all unique fragments of the Divine, individuated for the reason to know we are unified in the greater working cosmos of love. Our emotions are the reaction of our souls to the experience of life on Earth. Our emotions are the key to peace, which is beyond the state of feeling. Peace is a way of being.

When we look at the world today and think of future generations we must question what we are creating which they will inherit. We see very real, very inhuman, and very amoral problems. We can also see the converse of the negative in compassionate care, the rise of mindfulness and spiritual growth, and the desire for many to rise up to the challenge of creating change for us all. With the advent of the Internet and electronic technology connecting all of us in real-time, the global consciousness is now, not later.

Changing the way we relate to one another effectively as individuals, and as world cultures, is necessary in the creation of a better world. Not only is it vital to our existence as a species on the planet, but vital to ever other life form as well. This collection of stories and ideas presented here is meant to stimulate thought to encourage us to question our beliefs, and to move us out of passivity into the active creation of a peace filled world for us all. We deserve it and have the power to make it real, not just a hope or vision or dream or goal.

To image a peace filled world is possible, but I believe beyond our capabilities at this point in human evolution; for the world that could be created is without many of the attributes that are a part of our shared assumed reality. We must evolve into a new human for us to be in a new experience of this world. What would be new is proactively creating from love rather than reacting to the world from fear. From this consciousness, of reality based in, and created from, love, a new sensational experience will be the norm. It is only through a new value system, can a new paradigm be born.

The human condition seeks peace even if we do not fully understand it, or how to create it. The assumption is that peace is an experience contrary to: war, conflict, stress, fear, poverty, anger, and separation. I believe it is beyond duality. I truly sense that we are ignorant of what a peaceful world is, and what it looks like. The possibilities of a utopian human world experience cannot be seen through the paradigm that most of the human species takes as truth. We are immersed physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in the paradigm of good and evil. It is time to let it go.

This may seem simplistic. It is. The new way of being the harmony of control and chaos, the east and the west, the good and the bad, men and women, imprisonment and freedom, and any way we split our reality in half. It is the fusion of duality into one path that is all paths, which will become the identified truth. Love, experienced by the unity of consciousness is the path to the creation of experiencing heaven on Earth.

E-Motion is written as a testament to a growing awareness of the Universal Mind. The structure, the principles outlined, and 70% of the material in this book was written between 1993 and 1995. At that time I was inspired to write down what I was teaching to my clients and students. I wanted to chronicle some of the magical and miraculous experiences of my clients and myself. I am so glad I did, as they are even more relevant today. Each of these people, teachings, experiences, and the steps I have walked to this moment, has created the voice of faith and conviction with which I write.

This book is meant to challenge the reader to question my words, think about what I say, and wonder about all of our potential. This book is meant to challenge fundamental belief systems and concepts of what is assumed to be true. I could be absolutely wrong with what I propose as theory. However, there is no option to deny what is my experience and interpretation of those experiences. This is also true for my clients who willingly share their stories here. In turn, I cannot deny your experiences. I invite us to listen with our hearts, and not our heads, for reality lies somewhere in between us, and everyone else. Not one of us is able to exist without the other, and that is the miracle.

Respect for all life begins with respecting our own. We are a magical, incredible, cosmic gift that will never manifest in this form again. We are all a part of a divine plan that includes not knowing the details, nor the destination of that plan. The Lakota Indian language the word that is most close to translate as “God” is Wakan Tanka or “Great Mystery” and so it is. We can though embrace this Mystery even if we do not understand it to co-create a peace-filled place to call home. Trust of the Great Mystery and our relationship to it allows us to be in peace.

We can celebrate moving into the trust of ourselves, the trust of the Great Mystery. I believe as we heal ourselves, we heal the world. As we tend to our pain, it is easier for others to deal with theirs. There is an unconscious permission that happens when we witness another waking up or becoming more aware. The medium of compassion that creates this to happen is unconditional love. Love is our original source, and, it is to love that we must return for our survival. I am referring to the living consciousness that is the source of all. God is love no matter what religion we practice.

The principles to form the bridge of love into a more compassionate, balanced, and joy-filled world are not new to humanity. What is new is the awareness that we are the creators of experience and the powerful masters of our destiny. Each of us is responsible for all of us and our creations, our communities, our children, our dreams, our challenges, our healing, our relationships, and our attitudes toward life. In unity there is no separation. There is no one to blame for any ill. We are all creators of pain and therefore have the power to heal it too.

We are not victims to change, we must change to survive. Evolution of our bodies has not stopped magically because we have become conscious of ourselves. The growth of technology and science has been the determining measurement to human progress. Evolution has also embraces awareness as its tangible, yet intangible, gauge of growth. Here lies the simple truth: We must adapt to the expanded perceptions of consciousness and live the value of our spirituality, to survive.

The definition of evolution is adaptation for survival. We already possess the potential to bring consciousness to the inevitable change and it is our destiny to use it. History shows us that landforms, cultures, languages, technology, fads, and species come and go. Humans are not exempt from this process of creation on Earth. Just because we are self-aware, does not give us a ticket or hall pass or a promise of resistance to evolutionary change. It never ever stops. The ‘it’ here is not just change it is transformation. Why do we think that safety is found when stability is present? Why do we aspire homeostasis when it is not real? Why is conformity what we wage war to create? The answers to these questions begin to awaken new possibilities from which peace can be created for us all.

In the first section of E-Motion, Evolution – Intuition in Everyday Life, I will discuss the power of our intuition as the way Human Beings can be successful as an evolving species. I believe it is the power of our sensitivity, not our force, which is the key to the next leap of experience for humans on Earth. I will describe various kinds of sensitivity and how it manifests. I will give examples from my life, and from those of my clients, to illustrate my interpretation of the power of intuition. It is a power that every human possesses. It is not a learned intellectual endeavor but our instinct and animal nature. Here it is by celebrating that we are animals, instead of separating us from every other life form on Earth, once again we heal the myth that we are ever alone. Remember I said: all pain begins with separation. The more we heal this illusion, the more love we will each feel, will have, and will create from, instead of from pain.

The next section of E-Motion, Revolution – Perceiving Beyond the Apparent, I will share astounding ways that eternal spirit of consciousness manifests. All life forms originate from the Great Mystery or God. We are arrogant to think that human beings are the most evolved species on Earth. The revolution I am speaking of is not between factions of people with different values. The revolution is ending the war of separation of our selves from God, our selves from all life forms, but even more, we from Eternal Life without forms. I will talk about Spirit Guides and their teachings about life on earth. Channeling, to be a medium or pathway of communication, is one tool that will be presented. We all have the power, as it is where we begin, to touch the divine. To fine tune and exercise our perceptions, we benefit in multiple ways. I hope to inspire us to look beyond the apparent and open up the awareness of our innate connection to the divine in all, which again ends the origin of all pain, separation. I will share stories of the dialogue between the Great Mystery, Spirit Guides, other living species, and people to illustrate how practical an expanded awareness can help with the mundane. The revolution of awareness is not just mystical it is practical!

In the last section of E-Motion, I address the human condition from the perspective of the natural order of the Universe, recycling. I see as a path of co-creation from an eternal perspective of human existence on earth. In The Human Condition – Healing the Fourth Dimension, I offer a modern definition of karma, how I perceive the 4th Dimension, a process of how to actually forgive ourselves and others to be free from emotional pain, and examples of how consciousness of our eternal life can help us in the present, be present.

The Course in Miracles states, “There is nothing to fear.” The old adage says, “There is nothing to fear, but fear itself.” When we move beyond fear, we are free. Freedom allows us to feel our potential and personal power. Self-empowerment is the goal of what I offer as the journey for all of us. Freedom is innate in the essence of each and every life form on earth. Freedom is how we will change the world. Gandhi said, “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” I propose that as we liberate ourselves from limiting beliefs, from expectations of conformity, and from past pain, we will create Heaven right here on Earth. There is no place to go, we have already arrived.

In conclusion, I leave you hopefully with a desire to dive deep into your soul’s legacy and your own self-awareness. I hope you will be encouraged to learn more about who you are as the absolutely unique, never to be experienced again, soul with a body, on the earth in this 21st century. I hope you will forgive the transgressions of your life, your past, and forgive others for their transgressions against you. I hope we can collectively forgive our ancestors; for their decisions and values have created the societies that we have inherited. I hope that we actively engage in transforming the human condition so that peace can manifest within us, through us, and among us.

We have the power, it is love, to have a peaceful world now. My life has been like no others I know. As high as I have been in joy, is as deep as I have gone in sorrow. Yet, always the delight in having the Great Mystery unfold before me keeps me interested and engaged in co-creation. We are all healers for each other. My ‘tagline’ since 1986 is “As we heal ourselves, we heal the world.” My intention is to share my own healing journey that it can be inspirational to your own. When we awaken the love that we are, we make the world better for us all. I do have hope that we will choose wisely. I hope we will step into 4th dimensional reality and embrace our unity. We all deserve to live in love, with love, for love. More important though than this entitlement is the knowledge that we possess right now, the power to create it. Let’s just do it!



The Invocation


Before I begin any of my work, with an individual or group, I set the stage with a prayer as an invocation. My intention is always to serve the highest good of all. I ask that we, you the reader and I the writer, now bring our attention to the journey that we will take together through this book. I invite you to open your heart, not just your mind.

The following poem brings alive what I believe is the simple purpose of our earth experience. If my use of the word ‘God’ triggers negative feelings, use your word for the Great Mystery. I have heard it called The Light, The Most High, Divine Intelligence, Source, Allah, Spirit of All Life, Hu, Divine Love, Yahweh, Supreme Being, Elohim, Krishna, Almighty, All-Powerful, All-Wise, Incomparable on High, Grace, Helper, All-Glorious, and Omniscient. Then there are all the words for God in languages in the world that I have not heard. For me, they are all the same in my awareness of the Holiest of Holy. They are names for the Great Mystery that I know as God. If the word ‘men’ triggers you, know that this is how I heard the words come through me. I ask you to look past that to the soul song that it is for me. I offer it here as a gift and blessing, and opening to the poetry that lives in each of our souls.


God Has Spoken to the Land

Promise has spoken to the land

            call forth joy and I command

that ye shall have and have again

the son of God

through the hearts of men


            Plenty has spoken to the land

                        call forth gifts and I command

            that ye shall have and have again

                        the wealth of kings

                        through the hands of men


                        Beauty has spoken to the land

                                    call forth grace and I command

                        that ye shall have and have again

                                    the love of queens

                                    through the eyes of men



Spring has spoken to the land

       call forth birth and I command

that ye shall have and have again

       life eternal

       through the body of men


       Summer has spoken to the land

               call forth growth and I command

       that ye shall have and have again

               strength and valor won

               through the intention of men


               Autumn has spoken to the land

                                   call forth harvest and I command

                        that ye shall have and have again

                                    sustenance and splendor valued

                                    through the minds of men


                                   Winter has spoken to the land

                                               call forth death and I command

                                   that ye shall have and have again

                                               rest from the woes

                                               for the spirit of men


                                                        God has spoken to the land

                                                                call forth I and I command

                                                        that ye shall have and have again

                                                                 miracles and magic

                                                                 through the presence of men!



And so it is! And so it shall be done! Amen! Alleluia! Right-On! Shalom! Salaam! Namaste! May Blessings Be!



II       Evolution-Intuition in Everyday Life


Chapter 1 – The One Mind

In this lifetime, I have had the privilege to know people from the inside out. I have worked as a healer and non-denominational spiritual teacher for nearly 3 decades. I have counseled thousands of people and taught workshops on Intuitive Development, modern concepts of universal spirituality, and self-awareness. I say ‘in this lifetime’ for it accurately demonstrates my perspective that my consciousness has been in the human experience before. I believe that the Universe has known about recycling far before there were aluminum cans, glass, newspaper, and plastic! The world is in a constant state of renewal in every moment. As humans, we are a part of that renewal through our soul’s eternal life. We live in a perpetual state of change.

Though my work I help people to see the patterns of emotion and mental constructs that support their behavior, their perspective of truth, and their subsequent interpretation of experience. This creates their understand of their lives and the world around them. I deal with the “why” questions with regard to the frustration, anxiety, and fears of life on Earth. I see again, and again, “why” evoking God, mystery, and the course of our life’s journey. There are basically six questions on the path forward through life. No matter what our religious ideology, economic status, physical prowess, academic training, or even consciousness of personal power and the ability to manifest our dreams, we are all in a human experience of life on Earth.

These are the questions I hear the most often:

  1. Who am I?
  2. What am I supposed to be doing?
  3. How am I to do it?
  4. Where am I to do it?
  5. When am I going to get there?
  6. Why is this happening to me?

The answers to these questions are simple and there is a general response for us all:

  1. A divine eternal light of love is who we are.
  2. Sharing Love, to serve ourselves, and the world, is what we are supposed to be doing.
  3. By being our best Self, the unique original aspect of the Divine, not expecting to be like anyone else, is how we play our individualized role in the cosmic drama.
  4. In every moment, all the time, knowing Love is our source, our medium, our origin and our destination, we are to share it always where we are.
  5. We have all, already arrived, as the present moment is all we have.
  6. There is nothing else to do but learn about Love.

By supporting us to trust more in our intuition, our Divine appointment expressed through our unique talents and touch, I witness an awakening to a greater hope for ourselves, and the world. What gives me the insight to assist others is a combination of my deep empathy, my strong faith in something greater than us all, and my courage to be no one else, but me.

It is pure insanity to believe that there is not a greater force of nature that holds the planets in the sky, and too it has created you and I. We can call that energy by many names. The Creator, All-That-Is, God, The Universe, The Divine, The One, or Love and all refer to the same thing, our source of life. All animate and inanimate forms originate from what I like to call The Great Mystery. I believe that God is. My faith in The Great Mystery is not conditioned by my belief, or by the ritualization of this belief. My faith is conditioned by experience.

Through my work I meet people who I have never met in this lifetime, who come to me for healing and help for whom in a matter of minutes, I am able to read their body, heart, mind, and soul like a book. How do I do this seemingly magical and mystical act? I know there is a Universal Mind. I know that we are not separate beings. I know this not as a philosophical or esoteric principle, but literally. With their permission, trusting my own perceptions, I bridge that gap between our individualization, our separateness, and the truth we are of one mind. This skill is not mine alone. We all have the innate gift and for us to evolve as a species, it is through this gift, we will not just survive, but thrive.

A yearning for a sense of purpose and empowerment is felt by many of us here on Earth to understand why we live in such perilous and chaotic times. There is a knowing that we have to change. This is not just for ourselves, but also for generations to come. I have met few people who do not wonder why they are alive. Many of us are questioning how to survive as the human systems move further and further away from the natural environment to environments controlled by human innovation and manipulation.

All life exists with purpose and intention from the smallest organism to the most evolved species, plant or animal, rock or mineral. Purpose is inherent in everything from the microcosmic subatomic quark to the macrocosmic galaxies of this expanding Universe. Everything we perceive and experience is a part of the Divine Plan. To know our individual purpose gives us the power to create life on earth to be more harmonious on all levels-spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. If we are alive, we have the right to create our dreams and we do this by fulfilling our unique purpose. Nature and nurture work in harmony. Together they execute our destiny. It is not one or the other but both, nurture and nature, that create our experience of life and the interpretation of that experience.

As we evolve as a species, we adapt to our environment to survive. The environment we presently inhabit is full of beauty, natural grace, creative genius, awe-inspiring art forms of music, theater, and entertainment, and the rapid growth of technological innovation. These examples are all of the positive attributes, yet the negative is equally present. The environment is also full of war, random violence, chemical addiction, murder, rape, poverty, homelessness, suicide, disease, and fear of our neighbors. I believe we must understand the Universal Mind and recognize our oneness, to not just survive these conditions, but to transform the experience of all life on Earth.

Embracing disowned emotions, acknowledging our purpose, trusting our intuition, and realigning our value systems to love, is all we need to do. It will create in the universal field, of which we are all creating all the time, to be more harmonious for our selves and the planet that hosts us. We paradoxically are ungrateful guests for example, taking more than we need, wasting precious irreplaceable resources, projecting our fears onto the faces of our brothers and sisters. We have forgotten that we come into life from love, loving, with a unique gift only we can give. Each of us, from a grain of sand, to the brightest of stars, to the homeless person on the street to the winner of the latest talent show or Nobel prize, are here to share the same gift, our presence.

More and more individuals are waking up to our spiritual reality of universal oneness of mind. In no way is awareness of the eternal a new idea, the conversation around it just continues to get more comfortable and public. The New Age opened not just a greater marketplace for Self Help products and services, but it gave permission for us to admit we need help at all. Instead of being collectively ashamed of our fallibility, we have become champions to change ourselves. Are we there yet?

The collective consciousness will eventually reach critical mass. The potential exists that all people will be perceiving life as I will continue to explain in the course of this book. We are ready, conscious or not, to change the destiny of life on earth for not just humankind, but all life. If the destiny were certain-death, then why would we care about making a difference? I believe inherent within us all is the quest for greatness. This quest is moving us toward the tipping point of no return. How do I know? I have watched it unfold over the last 30 years of working with the inner light and vulnerability of others. I am a believer.

When I started my healing practice in the 1980s I was on the cusp of the New Age. If I was at a party and introduced myself to someone I did not know and told them what I did, they would look at me with total confusion and say, “You are a what?” Then by the 1990s when I would be in a similar situation, the response would be “Do you do Reiki?” By the decade I call the double Os, the response was “Did you see Eckart Tolle on Oprah!?” Now, we are in a time of cultural acceptance that went from metaphysics and spirituality being New Age woo-woo to mainstream convention. The conversation is ready for another level of true revolution. We are invited to totally walk our talk. It is time to take responsibility that we are the ones we have waited for, to create peace on Earth. We are in the Garden of Eden. Perhaps it is time to be respectful and responsible guests. I know I am. Are you?

What if in your business you knew you had a way of predicting the perfect time to call a client and negotiate a contract that would result in success, would you use it? Of course you would use it! What if you knew which elevator was coming first, and you are in a super hurry so that every second made a difference, would you stand in front of that door to save steps? Of course you would stand there! What if you knew where you needed to be to meet the perfect person to marry you and make your dream to come true, would you go there? Of course you would go to that party or class or vacation or lunch date or be on that bus or that plane, to meet that person!

We are all born with this resource. It is our intuition. It is our inner knowing. Our challenge though is that we have been raised in the western post-modern cultural mind that has enforced another ideal. We are indoctrinated to conform. We are conditioned to believe that what is true, and right, and correct, is outside of ourselves. We have the opportunity to bring this innate skill forward with new honor, respect, and reward. The evolutionary leap of our species is simple. We need to learn to listen.

This means new rules, new assumptions, and a new reality base for all people regardless of language, color, race, historic tradition, education, ecological habitat, physical health, vitality, and technological proficiency. We are one world, one universal mind, and we also have our individual presence in the whole. I have worked with people of many cultures, through translators, and it does not hinder my ability to know them. Nor do I find their questions about life, are any different from those from my own culture. I listen deeply to their presence. There is a common bond in humanity. For me, this bond is where peace can be created for us all.

So, what are the new rules? Well, as Truth is timeless, perhaps they are not so new and they just need to be said again in a new way.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

….or….In order to be loved, be loving.

“To thine own self be true.”

….or….Trust our own awareness; do not give the power of defining experience to anyone else.

“Ask and ye shall receive.”

…or…..Participate in life. We are not victims to life, nor are we alone in life.

“Every cloud has a silver lining.”

…or…Everything exists or happens or has value, to serve our learning about love.

“That which is above, is also below.”

…or…Hierarchy is really circular, not lineal.

“This too shall pass.”

…or…Patience, for the moment to change is inevitable, good or bad.

“It’s the journey, not the destination.”

…or…The journey is the destination.

“Honesty is the best policy.”

…or…The truth will always reveal itself; so starting there will save time, energy, and effort.

The more simple the principle, the more it is in alignment with spiritual truth. Simplicity is the most direct way to enlightenment. Prayer and meditation are the only tools necessary to be spiritual. Asking for help, and listening to the answer, are the fastest, most efficient, clear way to be on a spiritual path. There is no one right way. There is only our personal relationship to our Creator. How we meditate, how we pray doesn’t matter in relationship to how others practice. What matters is that we do. What matters is that we ask and we listen for the answers but that we consider whom we are asking and the source of where the answer is coming from.

There is a lot to choose from in philosophical ideologies, religious traditions, and, as my friend Shiven says, “the New Age Supermarket”, when looking for support, and understanding, of the process to a life well lived. It all serves some purpose when we can touch the wisdom inherent in the experience. To have choice is a part of our individual empowerment. However, if the choices of others inhibit, judge, violate, shame, persecute, deny, humiliate, or condemn our choices, we must question their validity.

We are the curators of our own reality, and yet there is the shared experience of earth. Sometimes it boggles my mind that anything gets done or accomplished considering the infinite variables! It is impossible from my perspective not to see that there is a greater mystery involved. Life is the miracle.



This book is dedicated to my parents Janice Ann and George Philip Aderton. You have taught me more about love than any one, or any thing, else. You showed me how to: respect each of us to be authentically our own person; persevere through faith; create family and friendship as the center of my existence; value community service as my duty to the world; live expressing hospitality and welcome to everyone; commit to my dreams; know that enduring love is possible; adventure and discover something good in each day; travel out in the world just to see what is there; and, forgiveness is a path of peace. I will love you Mom and Dad forever!

Nothing is created in a vacuum. My deepest gratitude goes to my family, clients, and friends who walk the walk with me forward. For helping E-Motion manifest kudos go to Susan Wolf for your editing, healing, enthusiasm, and friendship. Kudos goes to the people who shared their stories to help others. Kudos goes to my Siblings, Outlaws, and your Offspring, for sharing your family units, and being My Family. Kudos to my West Coast Clan for providing a home to write, and 3 decades of creating life memories with this California Girl. Kudos to Liz, Camille, Zoya, Shirlene, Jocelyne, Jane, Mindy, Angel Jenn, Carole, The Mommies of Geneva, Mary, Kelly, Heather, Jamie, Kyra, Linda, Martine, Donna, Tonya, Elizabeth, Lisa, Bonnie and Kim-my Galpals & their Men-you make my life fun and never lonely. Kudos goes to my Dreamers Theresa, Carol Anne, and Moose-wizards with bodies. Kudos goes to the men who I have loved, and who have loved me. Kudos goes to Lance Ferguson’s Skywatch. Kudos goes to my forever friend Shiven. Kudos goes to Sky, Jim, Pablo Diablo, Robb, David and Andy-my man-friends. Kudos to my Healers Elizabeth, Julie, Jacqueline, Hillari, Eti, Cindy, Pat, Rachael, Jenny, Christina, Amy, Deborah, Danny, Oona, Michael, Irv, and, and, and…you have kept my integrity sound! Kudos to Brian Silva – a forever Earth Angel! Kudos to Susan M. and Kiki, the first editors of E-Motion over 20 years ago. Kudos to my clients who asked for my help in their healing – it is a privilege to touch anyone from the inside out! Kudos of the highest order, last but oh so not the least, kudos go to Love, my religion!




Intention Statement for E-Motion

One Sunday afternoon in 1995, I was helping one of my students understand that everyday life can be interpreted like a dream. I had been teaching about life as the “waking dream” since my first Intuitive Development class in San Francisco in 1987. My client had gotten a traffic ticket for speeding on the way to her healing appointment with me. We were analyzing the scenario as a way of understanding her healing process. She was clearly rushing her life. Later while discussing my teaching and the need to bring it to a larger audience via books and video, I commented on the fact that “I sound like a broken record!” Though that day was in a July nearly 2 decades ago, I had repeated the same life concepts over and over to thousands of people. It is now 3 decades since I hung my shingle as a Healer. No matter what the decade or current cultural standards, there is something greater as our common ground in humanity. Truth is timeless, period.

My intention for E-Motion-Evolution, Revolution, and the Human Condition is to share ageless spiritual principles, personal stories of transformation, and tools for healing. My hope is that it will inspire others to love their own story, no matter what. If we do not like the one we are living now, we have the power to change it. The power of story has been where the ‘ah-ha!’ moments are most made in our human experience. Even with our cleverness, we also need step-by-step guidance to help us help ourselves. E-Motion is here to manifest as many ah-has it can, through personal narrative and instructive information. My goal is to bring more love to the world we share with all life.

That July night in 1995, on her way to her car within seconds, my client was back knocking on my door. Outside my house a broken record was lying on the lawn right in front of the doorstep! The presence of the record, and the synchronicity that came with it, validated her understanding of interpreting life as a waking dream. These stories, and many others, are the reasons I wrote the book E-Motion – Evolution, Revolution and the Human Condition. We have the power to change the pain of life for everyone. I offer here theory, real life experiences and stories of healing, and practical methods to evoke transformational change for our selves, therefore, the world. I believe as we heal ourselves, we heal the world, not the other way around.

For the last 29 years I have worked worldwide as a non-denominational spiritual teacher and healer. By intuitive consulting, emotional process work, meditation, creativity and play, I help people discover more awareness of themselves and this world. I do this with consistent hope for humanity, my empathy, and my love for life itself. My business is called Intuitive Arts & Sciences because I believe that we must use both sides of our brain to evolve as individuals, and therefore, as a species. Abandoning either the intellect or the intuition is reflected in the skewed values we experience today. True creation takes both the yin-mystery-creative-art and the yang-apparent-innovative-science to manifest anything in life. Through my work, I have helped thousands of people come to balance with the black and white allusion to experience the wholeness in shades of gray.

My perspective on healing has come from a life-long pursuit of knowledge, my passion for Creation, and quest for my own balance. I received a Bachelor of Science from Northern Illinois University in Anthropology with minors in Sociology and Woman’s studies in 1983. I received a Masters of Liberal Arts from Naropa University in Creation Spirituality in 2001. Between those degrees, I tell people I earned my ‘PhD in Healing’ when I survived brain surgery for an Acoustic Neuroma tumor. I live in California, as it is the Mecca for innovation, and is the land that calls my soul home.

The bones of the book, structure, and first draft were written in Sedona, AZ in March of 1993. Between 1994-1998 I shopped the book to publishers until one in Germany, Via Nova had agreed to publish. When diagnosed with my tumor, the publisher politely withdrew their offer, understandably so. I was American, they were printing in English, I was unknown with a small following, and they needed me healthy to sell the book. One chapter instead became the basis of my Master’s Thesis, Chapter 20-Forgiveness, a Path of Peace. It is time now to share E-Motion with those who are seeking more understanding about life as a Human on planet Earth.

In 2013 E-Motion was completely updated and rewritten. Nearly all of the original material is still here. What changed was flushing out ideas in a way that only time can allow. Experience, my own and the decades of being a witness to others’ journeys, is what gives my voice authority on the topics and teachings I share. It was clear that I needed to include as well my own Brain Surgery healing journey. Another year has passed and there was one more chapter to be written. Chapter 24-Living Life At Large is the capstone for the most important point I want to make…we must learn to love ourselves No Matter What!

The material here is timeless yet the stories are a contemporary reflection of these Truths. Though the New Age has long ago become mainstream, our quest for a peaceful planet, has not manifested. Perhaps one more voice that has been singing in the chorus, and quietly helping those who ask her, will be heard. This book is a tool to teach how to live with greater ease, grace, and joy. As my own healing from brain surgery in 1998 required me to ‘walk-my-talk’, and living ‘rent free’ for the last 4 years, my conviction is resolute. I have shown others, and myself, a path toward peace. My message is clear – We Are Eternal Beings of Love. Life is as simple, and as complex, as that.

There is a hunger to know for us all. We are witnesses, watching the world woven into one consciousness with the Internet. I wonder where we are going as we surf the energy waves. The ready market for E-motion is my international client base that have received the same insight through my work and gone on to better their lives, and anyone wanting to better their own. The paradigm of separation becomes more difficult to maintain not just on a daily basis, but also now on a nano-second basis. I invite you to sample the adventures, ponder the concepts, and feel what E-motion evokes in you. Happy trails!



© Sally Aderton, PO Box 356, San Bruno, CA 94066 510-908-7319 sally@sallyaderton.com


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